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All views and opinions expressed on Entirely Sarah are that of my own. They are used for information purposes on my experiences, impressions or feelings on a topic at hand in the relevant post. I will use my platform to express my own ideologies on the products I use, the items I talk about, and in general, in order to share my own experiences. Some of the opinions I have on products may be different to the views of other bloggers or your own experiences, however, these are just the opinion I have formed from how the products worked for me, my skin type and my body.


Being reliable and trustworthy is my main priority, I will always share my own, honest and informed opinions to make sure you are getting the most authentic experience on my blog with my content. I will often choose to share the products I have enjoyed rather than to share negativity on my blog, however I do still feel it is important to share products that haven't worked out for me, as this can be just as helpful. All opinions given by myself will be honest, constructive, and informed in order to make sure I have had enough time to form a valid opinion on the products featured. It is important for me to be transparent and trustworthy as this is the main quality I look for in other blogs I read and follow, and I want you to feel the same about mine.


All content featured on my blog is created by myself, or is created specifically for the use on my website and relative social media platforms owned by myself. I am the writers behind all of the posts unless they are stated as a guest post, or as an opinion on a product from a friend or family member. All photos used on the site are content created by myself, or often my husband who is kind enough to be my personal photographer in times of need. All content I use is created specifically for use by myself on this blog, unless otherwise stated and credited where appropriate. Any content that appears on my blog, or respective social media is not permitted for use without the correct credit and links back to my original post.

Affiliates, Gifted and Ad's

The majority of products featured on my blog will be things I have bought myself, or have been given as gifts from family members for birthdays, Christmas or other suitable gifting occasions. I would never feature a product as any type of Ad or Gifted post that I did not truly enjoy or recommend, and any posts which may include such things will always be disclosed to allow you to be fully aware of the content of the post.

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