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I am happy for company's to contact me regarding products I have reviewed or products they would like me to review. The main way this can be done is by email, Entirelysarahblog@gmail.com please leave what the email is regarding the subject line to allow me to see it is not junk. 
I will not be answering any emails on this email address that do not relate to my blog.

The main way for readers to contact me regarding something on my blog is to comment on the post that is about that topic, and I check my comments every few days if not everyday. Another place you can find me is on twitter, under the screen name @Entirelysarah .

I can also be found on Instagram where I am beginning to post more pics, but I don't really know what things to take pictures of, so bare with me! @Entirelysarah is my user name, so feel free to follow me and take a peek at the photos I want to share.

I don't have much other social media, but if you think there is something I need to join feel free to let me know on here and I will do my best!


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