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Cosy non scary movies for Halloween.

Halloween is full of the spooky, scary shenanigans and sometimes it isn't always the scary we seek when we settle in for the night. So if you want something slightly more funny with a dark twist, or just something that I always pull out the bag at Halloween when I don't want to be spooked then I am going to share some good alternatives! 

Autumnal and pumpkin themed treats

We are all familiar with the pumpkin that graces the holiday as a jack o lantern, the pumpkin soup and a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, but today I wanted to share a few easy ways to incorporate pumpkin and autumnal themed treats into the month, from food and drinks, to beauty and bathing! Pumpkin isn't as big in the UK as it is over in America and so up until a few years ago I hadn't really tried pumpkin or pumpkin spice properly, but now II feel like it is such a big thing that everyone has tried. 

Hair care heroes

My hair is always past its best when it gets to autumn and I have recently dyed it and I am so pleased with the more ginger tone of it. I feel like I make less and less effort with my hair and I really need to step it up and take more care, and spend more time styling it in a morning. I wanted to share a couple of products I have been reaching for lately to pick my hair up and make it look and feel healthier in the colder weather and after dying it. 

Current cosy reading

Autumn nights mean I end up being cosy on the sofa, or heading to bed early with a book to escape the dark night that make it feel way later than it is. I love reading and I find autumn and winter is the time I get most into it. I wanted to share with you the few things I am reading this month and why I am looking forward to reading them, or why I am enjoying them so far. 

Self care struggles

Self care is such an important thing to priorities and I feel like I am not doing very well with it at the moment. I think since July I have had the worst self care levels and I am just permanently exhausted and run down. I think its been a series of months with one thing after another and I can honestly say I am looking forward to 2019 as a fresh start and new beginnings of things.