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Anti ageing, when should we start?

We all know the saying 'Prevention is better than cure' and we all know they tell us to start using anti-ageing products in our 20's, with 25 being the recommended age, as I have been told by many skin care experts, but do we need to? I mean, I am now 25, but when the boiler man came to service my boiler last week and asked if anyone else was home, to determine if I was a minor left alone without my parents, I think my forever 12 years old look is one that isn't crying out for anti wrinkle creams. 

Subscription boxes, are they worth it?

I have dabbled with subscription boxes on and off over the past couple of years, and while I feel the hype surrounding them has worn off a little, I do love having a little treat every month and having new things to test out. I feel like I have had my subscription to Birchbox for a good few months now and I have recently signed up to Glossybox as well, but do I think they are worth it?

Testing Tropic skin care

 Every now and again I get asked if I want to test out some products, have a play with them and see how they work for me. Most often I am excited to give things a go and test out lots of new things to share with you all. When I was asked by a friend at work if I wanted to test out some Tropic skin care goodies, I was quite excited. You will know from my previous posts that I have way too much stuff in my collection, so I can't justify buying any new things just at the moment, but testing I can do. I mean, in the name of blogging and all that? 

Rediscovering things through my project pan

This year I took it upon myself to have a year of using up a lot of the stuff I have as I hoard way too many products and then I have so much I can't ever use it up! I pulled out 18 products I have barely touched for the past months and I decided this year I would use them up, alongside a lot of other products I have in my collection. My project pan has allowed me to rediscover a lot of products that I had forgotten about and hadn't used for a while. 

Bonfire night

Bonfire night is a night I love, it is a time I find magical as I love the fireworks and getting warm by a bonfire. I know that this can be a dangerous time of year and I fully appreciate that the fireworks can be quite scary for a lot of people and animals. I feel like it is a holiday that we spend with friends which also makes it feel a little more special.