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The 12 pans of Christmas

My make up collection is definitely on the larger side. I mean, compared to some of the beauty gurus on YouTube, it looks almost non existent, but I know compared to some of the people I know who don't do any kind of beauty blogging or anything, it is on the bigger side. I am going to do a project pan series for 2020 and while I haven't fully planned how I want to do that one yet, I am going to do a mini one this month to get me started. I have pre-written this post so this did actually start on the 1st of December, but I just wanted to put a few other posts up first. So lets see what I want to make progress on this month!

The 12 things of Christmas bucket list

Many of you may be aware that I am currently quite heavily pregnant with my first baby. I am about 7 months to be precises, so this months festivities are going to be a little bit more stripped back and less hectic than I try to usually make them! I thought I would put a little bucket list together and share my ideas on what would be fun to do over the festive period, but also not too exhausting for my little bump!

Welcome ♥

As I sit here, at my desk, writing for my little corner of the internet, I am reflecting back on what is now a good few years of being on the internet and somewhat in the blogging and YouTube community. I had reached a stalemate with my blog and YouTube channel and I think when you begin to feel like the content you have public isn't the image you want to portray, it can be very demotivating and make it hard to promote the content that you somehow don't feel as proud of.