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Budgeting my money

In the last few years I have really got into tracking my finances, and while I was good with money to begin with, I can really see a difference in my money and how I spend and save it. About 6 years ago I went from part time wages to full time wages and I was able to save so much money in the beginning, it really was such an amazing opportunity, but since then our circumstances have changed a lot and my savings and spending have changed too. 

Learning something new

I have never really seen myself as an academic person. I did my GCSEs, went on to do A-levels in what felt like a natural progression, and then through a lack of job availability I went off to university to study further and gain more experience. I graduated, left uni and was working in a shop when I decided to retrain to do the job I have been doing for the last 6 years. I have reached a weird point in my life where I have that unfulfilled, uninspired stage in my life where I fancy a bit of something new, a bit of a change and to learn something new. 

Glossybox Mother and baby limited edition

I have been a subscriber of Glossybox for around two years or so now and I have bought a number of the limited edition boxes in that time. One that I was very excited for, and that fell at the perfect time for me, is the Mother and baby limited edition. They had two versions of the box, but I am currently in my second trimester of pregnancy and thought this was the ideal box for a few of the essentials and a good way to try some new products and skin care, for both me and the baby. 

A whole lot of love

Tomorrow marks eleven years of being with my husband. In 2009 we met, just 16 and in college, got engaged just two years later in 2011, married in 2016 and here we are ending 2020 with a beautiful little boy, it couldn't get much better. I have always felt lucky to have met my husband and to have shared so many wonderful years with him, but this last year of our relationship has really hit home and opened up a whole new side of it all. 

December project pan

Some of you may know I have attempted a year long project pan this year, and while I am happy with my progress, I could have done much better. However, seeing as I have mostly been at home and not wearing make up I think its been decent. I decided I wanted one last push for December and so I have dug out some things from my collection that I realistically think I can use up this month to make space for some new bits in the new year, and make me feel a little more accomplished and have less stuff.