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Finding five minutes in the festivities

We are about half way to the big day now, the month is really running away now isn't it! I can't believe how quick the whole year is going! I feel like this time of the year I am so on the go with all the blogmas, vlogmas and Entirely Christmas content I have been putting up that I don't know if I am coming or going this season. I like to still try to take some time for myself, that is along with editing a vlog every night before bed! So how exactly am I balancing my time to still relax and unwind?

December project pan

This month I want to continue on my use it up streak and really have one more big push before the end of the year to use up as much as I can to start the new year with less things in my collection. I have pulled out some festive treats to use up that will still keep me feeling in the Christmas spirit, and allow me to use up as much as I can along the way. 

Winter fragrances

 As we get into winter I like to change my fragrances up a little bit again. I have recently used up a few of the body sprays I had in my collection that I was using for work and I am ready to switch to some of the scents which are a little more winter themed. I have a couple of perfumes and some perfume samples to use through the month as I continue on my declutter mission and use up as much as I can. 

Winter date ideas

Date night is one of my favourite nights of the week. My husband and I have been together for nine years now and we still make time to have a date night, even if its staying in and watching a film. I wanted to share with you a few ideas of things to do on a winter day or evening to have a little date if you are stuck for ideas and want something fun, that isn't too 'date' feeling.

Happy anniversary

Do you ever think about things and how long you have been doing something, or how long something has been? Today marks my husband and I's 9th anniversary. Yep, nine whole years. That is crazy! Now, in one sense it feels like we have been together forever and I can't imagine life without him and I almost feel like I can't remember what it was like to not be with him. On the other hand, it seems like only a year ago that we bought a house and only a couple of year since we met.... it is quite funny.