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My names Sarah. I am a 23 year old beauty blogger from the East Midlands. I am married to my best friend, and we live together with our pet hamster. I am really grateful to have such a supportive and wonderful partner who helps me along with all my ideas and is so supportive of my blog, I cannot wait to share some more of our adventures as a married couple!

I love make up and beauty, and could get lost in Boots or Superdrug for hours and spend endless amounts of cash if I had it! I have accumulated a relatively large make up collection in recent years and I want to share with you the things I try, in order to help you see how something works and what I think of it. I review everything I buy or have in my collection unless it is discontinued, and I like to show posts on what I am loving each month, and shopping haul posts.

I like to experiment with fashion, and so I will post some fashion posts and a bit of my style and show the things I am wearing. I also share the clothes I buy in my haul posts so that gives a little bit of an insight to what I like to wear too.

I  have normal skin, that only gets oily or dry, or changing in type if I use a product that is oily, or drying etc. I have fine hair that is color treated and is fairly dry on the ends, and so I need nourishing and moisturizing hair products. My nails are quite strong and I don't have a problem growing them long. I do not have sensitive skin and I can use almost any skin/body products, the only products I cannot use is head and shoulders hair products.

I hope you were able to get a sense of who I am, and I am always happy to have a chat with any of you., and I would love to make more friends within the blogger community, so feel free to comment or tweet me as I would be delighted to get to know more bloggers.