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Learning something new

I have never really seen myself as an academic person. I did my GCSEs, went on to do A-levels in what felt like a natural progression, and then through a lack of job availability I went off to university to study further and gain more experience. I graduated, left uni and was working in a shop when I decided to retrain to do the job I have been doing for the last 6 years. I have reached a weird point in my life where I have that unfulfilled, uninspired stage in my life where I fancy a bit of something new, a bit of a change and to learn something new. 

Now, I definitely should pre-face this with two things. Firstly, I am pretty content in my job, this isn't a major retraining opportunity and I don't foresee me writing out my notice any time soon. The second is, I am currently pregnant and so retraining in anything huge is out the question as I will be going on maternity leave soon and wouldn't be able to do the training anyway. I have been looking at any free courses, anything I can do in the evenings, weekends or any free time I get on my days off to just inspire me, pick my brain and just give me something to expand my mind that I can choose and just simply do for fun. 

I have been browsing the Open university free courses in order to see if there is anything I want to focus on and put a bit of time into, and I have to say there are so many options for things to get you started and push you in the right direction if you are unsure what you want to study. There are topics from law to science through to nature and languages, and at varying levels along the way too.  I think for me I want something that isn't too heavy and can be relaxing and a bit more of a hobby topic. 

Browsing through the courses I have found a few courses that relate to creative writing and character writing, and I definitely have an interest in learning more about writing in general. I would say I have a good concept of writing, I got decent grades at GCSE and I also have an English language A-level qualification too, so its definitely something I have studied a lot in my late teens. I feel really motivated to write, as I enjoy putting content on here for my blog. I have big dreams of writing a book one day, or a few books, and I just think that from a current hobby standpoint this could push me forward a little more. I definitely think it could at least unlock a few of the techniques and memories I have from my studies and give me a push to make my writing better for the content I create, as I don't always feel it is quite as up to standard as I wish it was. Though I guess I will always be my biggest critic when it comes to what I want this to be. 

While I feel I am not totally ready to go into some huge training course, or to take on a degree or anything of a bigger scale, I really do want to expand my mind and get it thinking more academically again. After spending a year off of work on maternity leave, where I did very little as the pandemic made things hard and I didn't feel like I had to mental capacity to work on myself, it has definitely taught me that having a focus and working on something that needs me to use my brain and exercise my mind is really important for my mental health. There are so many opportunities or avenues I could go down to study to improve my actual career that I do Monday - Friday, but for now I want to work more on myself, I want to do this for me, and to prove to myself that I am able to expand my mind and I can complete these courses if and when I am ready to focus deeper on some wider learning opportunities. 

I am turning 28 this month and while the idea of studying later in life can seem scary, there is no better time than the present and time will still tick by whether you decide to begin now, or begin in ten years time. The prospect that I still have no idea if what I do for a living is what I see myself doing until retirement is a little scary, but I am taking every step as it comes and expanding my horizons and working on myself in my own time and doing what feels right in the moment. I am sure I will update you all on my journey of whatever happens so stay tuned for any updates on what I learn and where life takes me!

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