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Glossybox Mother and baby limited edition

I have been a subscriber of Glossybox for around two years or so now and I have bought a number of the limited edition boxes in that time. One that I was very excited for, and that fell at the perfect time for me, is the Mother and baby limited edition. They had two versions of the box, but I am currently in my second trimester of pregnancy and thought this was the ideal box for a few of the essentials and a good way to try some new products and skin care, for both me and the baby. 

One thing I was most excited about for this box was that it is mostly centered around the mother, or me. This will be my second baby and in the least selfish way possible, mum is most definitely forgotten about in the new baby situation. I cant begin to tell you what it is like to feel like you have split your body in half to give birth and then everybody wants to come over the second you give birth to coo over a tiny baby while you feel like your insides are about to fall out still. I can tell I am selling pregnancy for you all, so we will move on. I just think it is nice that Glossybox have stayed focused on their main target audience, with the baby being the extra bits in the box, and not mum being the forgotten one. 

I have split this into mother and baby, just for ease of grouping and talking about the products, but as my baby is still just learning to kick me in my tummy and not out in my arms having cuddles, we can get to their bits a little later. I wanted to first look at the pamper products, this is something I feel like I gravitated to towards the end of my last pregnancy as I just needed a nice soak in the bath and pamper to keep me going most days. First up we have the Roots conditioning hair mask (£9.99), this is something I needed post partum with my little boy, I had such a lot of post partum hair loss that I felt like it may never end. I have lots of little tufts of hair that are slowly growing back, but I am not looking forward to it all over again, so I hope this will help. For the post bath moisture kick we have the Ameliorate transforming body lotion (£22.50). I have had this in a Glossybox previously and I do like it, it is very hydrating, and it worked really well for my husbands dry skin, so I will most likely share this with him as I do have a lot of body lotion already, but it will definitely come in handy and the tube is still compact enough if I want to take it in my hospital bag. For a skin treat we have the Mudmasky Vitamin infused eye serum (£44), I am a big fan of Mudmasky products and have used quite a few in the past, so I am really looking forward to giving this a try and seeing if it can perk up the old eye bags! 

For pregnancy skin and body care we have two products that are designed to help with sore and stretching skin with the focus being on elasticity and preventing stretch marks. I used creams for stretch marks last time I was pregnant and managed to get all the way to 40 weeks without a single stretch mark, however my little boy wanted to stay in two weeks extra and my thighs and one side of my stomach decided to explode into a maze of lines. This time I will be trying the Mama Mio Boob Tube (£25) to help sooth my growing boobs, which says it will improve elasticity to protect against stretch marks and see how I get on with that as a targeted product. I also have the Nuture Nourishing skin treatment oil (£8.99) which says it will improve the appearance of scars and stretchmarks as well as improving the elasticity of the skin. I want to use this and see if it can reduce the look of my stretch marks from my last pregnancy and hopefully prevent some new ones forming. I am going to go ahead and say that while they are not my biggest concern overall, I don't particularly like them and if they can be gone, then I'd be happy to wave them off at the door! The age old saying of 'earning your stripes' isn't lost on me, but I'd still rather have none of my own if I have a choice in the matter. 

Moving onto things for the baby we have four products that are targets to the baby and I think it is such a good proportion of products. First up we have the Lille Kanin fat cream (£12), I hadn't heard of this before I got this box, so I must have just missed it when I was buying baby bits last time. This is a moisturiser and says it will hydrate the skin while still being breathable, I can't wait to see how this works compared to some of the other moisturisers I have tried on my little boy. Along the moisturiser line is the My Little Coco My little everything balm (£5.99), this can be used on the skin or hair and is a multi tasking miracle balm so I think this will find its way into the hospital bag just because it is so all purpose. For wash we have the Aveeno baby daily care gentle wash (£5.99), this is such an easy access brand that you can pick up any where and is one I hear a lot of people gravitate towards. I love that this is such a small travel size as I need a small baby wash for my hospital bag, just to make sure I have everything for the babies first few days. My little boy hated bath time when he was tiny, but he loves in now he can splash around and play, so I am hoping the new baby will love it just as much as he does! Lastly for baby we have the Organii nappy cream (£9.95), this is just a sample, but i think this, once again is a really useful product as I know that it is something I am going to need on the go and in the hospital and so it is nice and easy to pop int he changing bag, and a good way to try a little bit of it in case the baby has a sensitive bum and doesn't get along with it. 

If the past year and half has taught us anything it is that the main staple product in this box is the Baylis and Harding hygienic hand gel. When I fell pregnant with my little boy I stocked up on hand gel (June 2019 - Feb 2020) and I ended up with lots of little bottles to scatter through the changing bag, the nappy caddy, my handbag, the car etc, just to be extra safe with a newborn. When the pandemic hit I was well stocked on sanitiser and was relieved I had thought ahead, even without knowing. I doubt the hand gel will be going away any time soon, and I have been slowly collecting the odd ones here and there just to make sure we have a small stock of them for the baby once again as I am very much conscious of it all once again. Having this one is a nice little extra and I will be able to start distributing them into things like the hospital bag and the changing bag very soon! 

This limited edition box launched in April and I did get it on the day it launched, but I wanted to share with with you all now as it is still in stock and I think it is such a nice gift for someone who is pregnant or just had a baby, or for a treat for yourself if you are pregnant or a new mum. This does come in two versions with box boxes being almost identical except for two products. The first is the My little coco everything balm which is switched for the nipple balm in the mum to be box, I didn't want this as I didn't need nipple balm last time so thought I'd avoid it this time. The other was the Mama Mio boob tube which is swapped for the Lucky legs refreshing spritz, which I didn't think would be as effective for me as the boob tube would be. Overall I am so pleased with the box and I am really excited to be digging in and using everything to pamper myself and really look after my body and bump along the way. At £30 I think this is so reasonable as it would retail separately for £110 it is such a bargain, and definitely things I would have picked up when shopping anyway. If you want to pick up one of the two boxes you can find them on the Glossybox website here for £30 each.

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