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December project pan

Some of you may know I have attempted a year long project pan this year, and while I am happy with my progress, I could have done much better. However, seeing as I have mostly been at home and not wearing make up I think its been decent. I decided I wanted one last push for December and so I have dug out some things from my collection that I realistically think I can use up this month to make space for some new bits in the new year, and make me feel a little more accomplished and have less stuff.

Lets start with bath and body products as I feel like this is a goods place to start. I got the Soap and Glory Christmas duo last year and it got a little bit neglected. Don't get me wrong I like them, but I just got using other things and forgot about them, so this month I am using these and only these until they are gone. I have the body wash and the body lotion so I am excited to be able to use them together and feel all festive while I do so. I don't think they released these this year, but I don't think they are what I will pick up again if they had, just because I prefer the original scents. For perfume I have one last mini form a past Zoella collection, this is the Snow'ella scent, it is actually really nice, but its time to be used up and moved out of my collection ready for some new perfumes to come in at some point. 

We can all agree that our skin is taking a battering this year, and I honestly don't even know what to do with mine some days. I definitely am getting bigger spots than I usually do, not necessarily more, but they are definitely a lot bigger than they ever have been, and I do blame the masks. I thought I would pick out a couple of masks from my overflowing mask box to use this month what I am having a bit of a pamper and to also get through my huge mask collection. First up I have the Garnier eye tissue mask, I love eye masks and I totally forgot I had this one, so I am excited to have rediscovered it and I will be using it to perk up my eye area, as that is the only bit of our face that is ever on show now! I have a PS dreamy lip mask, this will be such a good mask for helping my lips to get some care as I am a compulsive lip picker and I know they need better care. I have not idea what this will be like, but I am hoping it will be good, I don't think its available any more, so I just want to use it and get it gone. I have a very festive Masque bar penguin themed sheet mask which I think will be quite comical and fun to use, and so I am looking forward to having this on as I usually use plain sheet mask. In with this I have popped the Zelens instant renewal mask, because this is a mask that is in a tube I can apply this when I use my eye mask, and put this on my chin, as well as using it on my face when I do the lip mask. This is only a small tube so I think I will get a couple of uses from it and be able to use it up through the month. 

While I know I wont make a huge amount of progress on some products in a month, I do want to give it my best shot to make a good dent in the products themselves, so I have picked out a few of my make up products to use some of this month. I feel like the Benefit Porefesional pearl primer is a nice one for the Christmas month as a bit of shimmer is what we need in our lives right now isn't it! This is only a mini and so I am sure I can actually use it up and get it gone before 2021 hits. I also feel like the eyes are the focal point now as they are what we see of the face around the mask, so I thought a fun liner would be really nice to turn my attention to, and the LA Splash Rosaline glitter liner is one that is subtle enough to wear all the time, but also glam enough to have a bit of Christmas sparkle through the month. I definitely want to wear a red lip as much as I can this month, and I know that one of the products that I haven't really used in my collection is the Doucce matte lip crayon in winterberry, this is such a beautiful colour and so festive. There is no way I can use all of this up this month, but making a dent in it and getting some use from it is all going to add to the progress of using up as much of my make up as I can. 

I would love to know what you are hoping to us up by the end of the year if you are doing a project pan, or what you are close to finishing anyway even if you don't have a project pan that you are working on. 

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