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A whole lot of love

Tomorrow marks eleven years of being with my husband. In 2009 we met, just 16 and in college, got engaged just two years later in 2011, married in 2016 and here we are ending 2020 with a beautiful little boy, it couldn't get much better. I have always felt lucky to have met my husband and to have shared so many wonderful years with him, but this last year of our relationship has really hit home and opened up a whole new side of it all. 

We have definitely had our share of ups and downs, I think everyone can probably agree you go through the motions of life as a couple when you have been together that long. This year has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I honestly am so grateful for everything. No matter how tough things get, or how amazing things are, he's always the person I am laughing with, finding a spot on his shoulder to cry, or simply curling up next to on the sofa. 

I toyed with a lot of ways to write this and while I did want to write a long elaborate post about how much I love my husband, I thought short and sweet was just as nice. I am looking forward to the next year together and all the things we will be able to do, it may still be a pandemic but I know we will find a way to enjoy our years together whatever the world is doing around us.


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