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The 12 pans of Christmas

My make up collection is definitely on the larger side. I mean, compared to some of the beauty gurus on YouTube, it looks almost non existent, but I know compared to some of the people I know who don't do any kind of beauty blogging or anything, it is on the bigger side. I am going to do a project pan series for 2020 and while I haven't fully planned how I want to do that one yet, I am going to do a mini one this month to get me started. I have pre-written this post so this did actually start on the 1st of December, but I just wanted to put a few other posts up first. So lets see what I want to make progress on this month!

So I have separated the products into categories as I thought it was going to be easier to see what I had to use and also to have a mix of products that I wanted to use up. First up, lets go with make up as that is probably the most exciting. I have five products in this category, and I have tried to have them over a range of things to actually give myself the chance of using them all up completely. I first have the Maybelline baby skin primer, I have had this in my collection a little too long and I don't really reach for it, so I just want to use up the last bits that are in there and just get rid of it once and for all. I also have the 3INA lip primer, I think I got this in last years advent calendar and I just haven't reached for it the way I hoped I would, it kinda got lost in my drawer so I thought I would give it a good fair test and see how it performs and if its worth keeping hold of. The essence light up your face palette, I have made such good progress on the bronzer type shade so I want to use that up completely by new year, and hopefully make some progress on the highlighter shades, but I am less worried about those if I don't hit pan on them. Next we have the Stila glitter liquid eye shadow in Golden girl, I got this in a set at the start of the year in the sales and I have reached for it a lot, its coming to an end and only has about a third left so I though party season was an ideal time to make sure I can finish it up and then move onto the kitten shade I have in this. I knew I wanted to put in a lipstick, but I didn't know what, and one that has been neglected recently and I could probably see myself making significant progress on is the mini lipstick in Gash from Urban Decay, again, its been in my collection a while now and I just want it gone. 

For skincare I knew I would find some of the products quite easy if I put them in, for instance face wash always seems to go down, so I wanted to pick the products I either forget to use, or want to test out. I am terrible at using lip balm, but now the weather is cold I wanted to make sure I keep up with moisturising my lips otherwise I pick at them and its just horrible. I have added the Dr pawpaw original balm into my collection as I hadn't reached for it a lot, and it is one that I can easily drop into my handbag and use on the go as I hate dipping my finger in a pot on the go. Next up is a face mask, I love the turmeric and cranberry seed mask from Khiels, but again it is something I forget to reach for, and I have accumulated a lot of single use masks over the past few months so I have been reaching for those a lot instead. I am very close to using up my night cream that I have been using and so I wanted to pick one that had a lot of product to go in it, I chose the Body Shop oils of life intensely revitalising sleeping cream, this is a sample and says 5ml, but it does look like it will last a while so I just thought it would be nice to use it up and get through it. I then have the  Moroccan oil hair treatment oil, I have a back up of this on my hair shelf and so I just want to finally use up the last bit in this bottle in order to start a fresh bottle in the new year. Again, I like this, I just have got lazy and stopped reaching for it! 

The last three are bath and body products, and I definitely have some Christmas themed ones in here. I first have the Avon gingerbread bubble bath, these are really nice and are affordable, but I often get to this time of the year and get sucked in to Lush and get bath bombs and bubble bars to use and the other stuff gets neglected, but this is here to make sure I use it up. I then have the Body Shop Cocoa butter body butter, since I started moisturising my bump I have been really good at moisturising my whole body, and so I thought now was a good time of year to pick out one that was a little heavier for the colder weather and while my body needs the extra hydration. Lastly I have the Zoella body mist in bake my day, this smells like gingerbread and I feel like winter is the only time I can really wear this without it feeling odd, so I am hoping that by the end of the year I will have used this up and can get rid of it from my collection so it isn't sat around! 

I would love to know if you have anything you wanted to use up in this last push before the end of the year, and I can honestly say I am in such a determined mindset to go through and make the most of my collection in 2020 and really use through what I have and make good progress on using up my make up collection to make way for new things! 

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