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Winter handbag essentials

If there is one time of year I am almost guaranteed to get sick, I would put bets on December. The drastic drop in temperature, the stress of Christmas shopping, and this year I have all the vlogmas to do as well. Don't you think people seem to get ill when they do vlogmas, and I honestly would say this is probably going to be one of the most stressful and time consuming things I will do this year, but honestly I love the ideas of it and I am ready for the challenge to complete vlogmas! To combat any illness I am going to be armed with a set of products in my handbag to keep me germ free and hopefully prevent me having to spend a day feeling ill....

In my handbag I tend to carry a lot of germ fighting things anyway without realising. One of the things I always like to carry is hand wipes. I have a few different packs, because I have a work bag and a non work bag, so I need a few duplicate items! I have used ones from Wet Ones, and from a brand called Halo, but most of these work well. I love hand wipes, they are so quick and easy to use and the wet texture is better than a tissue in most circumstances. They are also good for getting rid of germs and wiping down surfaces or your hands when you are out. I also like to keep tissues in my bag, they are a great alternative to hand wipes and are still good for wiping things if you need to. I also think tissues are great this time of year as if you have a cold starting its important to catch the germs and bin them, rather than spreading them! Hand sanitiser is also brilliant for this, it is always a quick go to in order to 'wash' your hands on the go if your feeling a bit gross, if you have touched some thing and you want to clean your hands, or if you just simply cant get to the bathroom or a sink to wash your hands. 

To keep my skin and lips hydrated I like to carry a lip balm and a hand cream. I sometime will look for a sample of a hand face and body cream which I could apply to my face and hands if I have no make up on and my skin starts to feel dry, but that isn't often. I like to have a lip balm that is in a stick form so I don't have to stick my finger into the pot, although I mentioned above I have hand sanitiser, I don't like to be poking my hands into product when they might run the risk of being germy from being out and about. For hand cream I tend to swap this up for something that fits the season, this can be anything from a fruity one in summer to s spiced pumpkin one in autumn, but this winter I have the Snowella range from Zoella beauty on my project panning list and so I have got the Winter wonderhands in one handbag and a Body Shop spiced apple in another handbag to always have one to hand.

In terms of staying well, I have paracetamol and cough sweets stashed in my handbag to combat illness and keep me on my toes. I find when I am rundown and stressed I noticed headaches a lot more, and when I start to come down with a cold my bones and muscles seem to ache for a couple of days leading up to the full influx of illness. I find carrying a small blister pack of paracetamol stashed securely in a zip pocket of my bag allows me to know they are there is I start to feel unwell or like I am aching too much and I just need a bit of relief. In terms of throat sweets, I find that a pack of soothers is more of a placebo than an actual medicine, and just having them in case my throat feels sore and scratchy in a morning or if I start to find my voice aching with a cold they give that little pick me up. I will something have mints or boiled sweets that I find sucking on gives the same relieving effect on my throat. 

There are a lot of other things you could keep in your handbag too, but these are the things I make a point of having when the weather drops cold, and they don;t take up a great deal of room so I feel like you can easily slip them in without taking up too much space. You could also scale this back and have just tissues, or just hand sanitiser and tailor this to what you will use and need. I would love to know your essentials and what you like to have to hand when you go out!

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