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Winter fragrances

 As we get into winter I like to change my fragrances up a little bit again. I have recently used up a few of the body sprays I had in my collection that I was using for work and I am ready to switch to some of the scents which are a little more winter themed. I have a couple of perfumes and some perfume samples to use through the month as I continue on my declutter mission and use up as much as I can. 

The first perfume that comes to mind when we get to the December, winter territory is the Zoella Bake my day fragrance. This is a gingerbread scented perfume and it is quite simply Christmas in a bottle. I don't always think it is the most appropriate for every day, but I do think it is a nice one for when I want something sweet and spicy for the holidays, rather than something sophisticated. I do reach for this a lot more than it sounds like I might on paper, and I think it is a really interesting one to switch it up with an mix into it my every day fragrances.

I also love the Zoella cosmos, this is  the new one from Zoe for this Christmas and I love the scent of it. One thing I think with perfumes is that I have quite a few and they last so long that I don't buy them very often. Designer ones are also so expensive that I don't feel I need to spend that kind of money on one, so I check out the smaller brands and more affordable ones to get some nice ones to switch into my collection. I like to have a range to switch between and I really liked the scent of this so decided I would add it to my collection.

Knowing my perfume collection can be very repetitive as I don't buy a lot of new perfumes I thought I would dig through my samples which I haven't talked about much and share a selection of products with you that I am excited to give a try. I picked out four altogether and think they will be really nice to spread out through the month and see how I get along with them and if I would purchase any of them. First up I have the Avon Eve Elegance perfume sample, I like that Avon perfumes are really affordable so you can treat yourself to one if you are on a tighter budget or if you simply don't want to spend upwards of £50 for a perfume as it can be quite a pricey thing to buy. I love testing out new perfumes and it has been a while since I tried out an Avon perfume so this will open up another door for me in terms of things I can rediscover. I will be popping this into my handbag to use on a day out to give it a good test and see how it wears and if I would want to add it to my collection. Next I have the Ghost moonlight fragrance, this is one that I think I have used before as a perfume sample, and I remember liking it however I think it isn't the type of scent I would use all the time. I do like the fact I have a sample of this as it means I get to use it again and enjoy it in short burst, but I don't have to commit to the full bottle as I know its not one I would reach for all the time. 

Following on from this, I want to use one that I love, but can't use often as it is just simply too strong. The Victor and Rolf flower bomb perfume is one of the strongest perfumes I have ever tried and it really does last all day with minimal spraying. I find this very overwhelming and I can only spray about two squirts and I am good for the whole day. I love this and I want to try and use it for a few occasions I have coming up, however, I couldn't justify the full size as it is so strong it can give me a headache if I am not careful to only spray the smallest amount. This means I wouldn't be able to benefit fully from having a full size. A new one in my collection I haven't tried yet, but have seen a lot about when it launched is the Dior Joy perfume.  I got a sample of this recently and think it will be nice to try something new that has recently launched. I have heard good things about this and I am excited to try it out for myself over this month and see how I get on. The mini perfume samples as so perfect for the holiday season, be it travelling, or just to pop in your handbag for a festive party to keep you smelling fresh on the dance floor, I love slipping one into my bag and making the most of having the ability to top my scent up on the go if I am being active. I'd love to know what scents you are reaching for this holiday season!

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