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Winter date ideas

Date night is one of my favourite nights of the week. My husband and I have been together for nine years now and we still make time to have a date night, even if its staying in and watching a film. I wanted to share with you a few ideas of things to do on a winter day or evening to have a little date if you are stuck for ideas and want something fun, that isn't too 'date' feeling.

First up, the cinema is such a great place to go as a winter date, there are so many films out at the minute, from Fantastic beasts, to Christmas classics such as the Grinch so there is sure to be something you will enjoy. The other great thing about this is it is indoors, so you know you wont need to wrap up extra warm while there as the heating will be on and you can get cosy while watching the latest film that peaks your interest. I also think this is great if you don't know someone very well, or if you are still new to a relationship or dating someone as it is a quiet date, but it can be followed up with chatting about the movie and what bits you liked best. 

I am a sucker for a Christmas market and love visiting them. There is something about bustling around outside, wrapped in a coat and scarf while shopping little stalls of handmade and unique gifts that I just love. We probably all have Christmas shopping left to do, and I know for sure that I am always on the hunt for something a little different to what is in the shops as gifts for people as I think its quite nice to get something unique. Christmas markets usually have lots of festive treats on offer too and so you can have a hot chocolate, a mulled wine and even some roasted chestnuts while shopping the stalls and keeping each others hands warm!

I have such a nostalgic feeling about Christmas markets, I remember going when I was younger and looking in awe at all the Christmas decorations. Every year we would pick out a new decoration for the tree and it was such a fun thing to do. I loved going to see the different trees set up with different themes and it was simply just magical. This year we are going, (Or have been, I'm writing this in advance) to a garden centre which I know is going to be amazing, and I actually can't wait to spend the day out there. I am most looking forward to seeing huge displays of Christmas trees all with themes, then going for dinner and a hot chocolate with my husband. If you're new to dating or have a established relationship is may be nice to go to somewhere like this and get a few new decorations to have a sentimental edge to your tree that you can update every year and build memories from each decoration! 

A stay at home night in idea would be to bake festive treats, from gingerbread men, to cookies it could be a range of sweet or savoury accompanied by a hot chocolate to keep you warm and cosy. I love baking and I feel like Christmas is always the perfect excuse to make some cute festive treats. If baking isn't strictly your thing, you could buy a gingerbread house kit and spend the evening having a decorate-off and seeing who can decorate the best gingerbread house, and then cuddle up with a movie and eat them!

Have I ever mentioned I love ice skating? Of course I have, and let me point out the BBC haven't rung yet to ask me onto Dancing on Ice so I need to put a complaint in to their manager! Jokes aside, the ice rinks are popping up in every town for Christmas and I love the idea of skating outside in the winter wonderland so you will definitely find me on the ice this year. I have to say this would be such a fun bonding experience and I think its a great way to have fun, and a good excuse to need to go for a coffee or hot chocolate to warm you through after being on the ice! 

While this is date ideas, you could tweak these ever so slightly and turn them into things to do with your best friend, your mum, a sibling or anyone else really! It is just a list of fun things that I happen to be doing with my husband this time of year and turning into our date days! I'd love to know your ideal date day, or day out as I love having new inspiration too! 

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