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Tips for getting into the festive spirit

I for one am in the Christmas spirit right from the first of November, and secretly even earlier if I am allowed to be! I always find there are a few different things I do to get into the spirit of Christmas and really get excited for the holidays. I have to say, I might pop this post over to my husband as he doesn't seem to be very festive and needs a push now and again! 

One of my favourite ways to get a bit of Christmas in the house it to play some Christmas songs. Its the time of year where Mr Buble raises his head and is played almost constantly on repeat as we sing every Christmas song we can imagine! I love listening to Christmas songs, they are a great way to get you feeling a bit more festive and it is an easy thing to implement, you can pop on some Christmas tunes while you are doing other things, such as housework or relaxing in the bath. You don't need to put much thought into this, just a pre-made YouTube playlist and you are set for a few hours!

Another of my favourites is to watch a Christmas movie, now, this doesn't have to be a full Christmas Santa movie, it can simply be Die Hard, yep, its apparently a Christmas film as its set at a Christmas party. That or something like Home Alone, the focus isn't on the fact it is Christmas, but the odd glimpse of a tree now and again just gets you in the spirit and makes you feel a little more Christmasy. Now if you want to go full Christmas why not pop along to the cinema and catch the new Grinch film? It looks fantastic and I know I will be watching it at the cinema in preparation for Christmas!

Decorating the house can be a great way to spread a bit of festive cheer. You don't have to go full Pinterest, you can just simply add a little bit of something extra, from a simple Christmas candle, to a festive wreath on the front door. A few festive touches can really make a difference and you can add as little or as much as you want! 

Christmas themed snacks are another perfect accompaniment to making the seasons seem festive. I for one do not like mince pies. I just do not like the fruit, so they aren't for me. But if you do love mince pies, or candy canes in hot chocolate they are a great way to add some festive spirit and get us into the mood for some festive cheer! 

One of my favourite ways to do Christmas shopping is to go late night shopping, when its getting dark, the Christmas lights are all on and a Christmas coffee in hand. I love the cosiness of being wrapped up in a scarf as I shop, warming my insides with a nice festive drink while finishing off my Christmas shopping. I just find this is almost like a Christmas tradition, I don't buy drinks at coffee shops very often, but in winter it is a lot colder and they warm you through better in order to help you stay warm enough to function, whereas in summer I am less inclined to need a coffee stop. 

I would love to know your tips and tricks for getting into the festive spirit and how you manage your time in the lead up to Christmas to make sure to still feel extra Christmassy! 

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