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How I find places to go for Christmas days out

Finding days out is one of the things I struggle with every year. I always hope to find new places to go, but it can be quite tricky with the cost of travel and the time scales it can take to travel to some places. I have decided to give you a round up of how I look for new places to go each year and how I try to keep it interesting for things to do. 

The first thing I do is look out for blogmas and vlogmas posts to see where people are going during the Christmas time, can we just mention Zoella's Edinburgh trips which look amazing?! I love seeing people visit places in their vlogs, or do a round up of where they have been for their blog post. I feel like this gives me such a good idea of what a place is like and even if I don't get to go to that place this year I put it onto a list of places I want to go in order to hopefully make it there the following year. 

In with this, I look for reviews of Christmas markets that are in a reasonable travel distance from where I am. One of the big ones that gets a lot of hype each year is Lincoln Christmas market, and while I made the journey with a friend and her parents when I was younger, I haven't managed to get to this one again since as it is always super busy. By looking for reviews you get an idea of if one is worth going to, I have looked at reviews for several over the years and some just simply aren't good and are totally useless. Some are huge displays and some are a few outdoor market stalls in a field, it just depends what you prefer and how far you can travel. 

Most city centres will have some form of Christmas market and display to have a little look around, and due to being in Nottingham frequently for events I know theirs is always spectacular. From the ice rink to the market stalls, the market has lots to offer with a bar and lots of food options. I always love having a walk through it when I find myself in the city centre looking at what it has to offer. I think just visiting your local city centre is a great way to discover what they have on offer and still have a lovely day out without feeling like you have to go miles. 

 Also on the list of places to go, or to research is garden centres. They often put on spectacular Christmas displays and if you pop onto the website for the one you are looking to visit they often have details of what they are putting on for Christmas and when any exciting dates are happening. By looking on websites for places you can get a feel for what is going on and see what day will be most exciting, or which days to avoid if you just want a cosy walk around without too much going on! 

My last point is to talk to people! Word of mouth is so powerful, and it has inspired one of our biggest trips of Vlogmas, to Gates garden centre in Leicester. This is one that my Husband went to on a work job and then through him saying how big and impressive the site is, we decided to go along. I was telling the women I work with about this too and they said it sounded good, with one of them going to the garden centre and also agreeing it was amazing. 

It is surprising how much you can learn through word of mouth and places to go, and it can be so fun to experience new places to go. I want to make sure we are always trying new things and going to new places to have fun days out, and while it is hard to sometimes get time to do all of this I definitely think it is worth it! Speaking of, if you have any good recommendations for places to visit this festive season do share them with us all in the comments! 

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