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Finding five minutes in the festivities

We are about half way to the big day now, the month is really running away now isn't it! I can't believe how quick the whole year is going! I feel like this time of the year I am so on the go with all the blogmas, vlogmas and Entirely Christmas content I have been putting up that I don't know if I am coming or going this season. I like to still try to take some time for myself, that is along with editing a vlog every night before bed! So how exactly am I balancing my time to still relax and unwind?

I schedule my time. Friday nights and Saturday nights I know there is no rush to edit the vlog for the following day as I can get up early and do it before we head out the next day, this means I can really indulge in a bath and unwind on those nights, whereas the other nights I will be having a quick shower and pretending I am ok with it! On the nights I am having a relaxing bath and putting my huge Lush haul to good use, you can find me hidden in the bathroom for about two hours, candle lit and book in hand, or Christmas film playing from the laptop relaxing before the full scale go of the following week! 

Wrapping presents is something I find quite therapeutic, and productive too, so I often settle down with some gifts that need wrapping and I can switch off from the world a little bit. Again, music or a film to accompany me with the task and I can relax, without worrying about how much I still have to do. It can be hard if you hate wrapping or find it a chore, but I do quite enjoy it and look forward to sitting and doing it when I have the time to chill and enjoy it. 

We have a small set of shops near us, away from everything else and I love going there to have a little walk round, have a festive coffee and enjoy a little bit of shopping. The shops aren't always the best for some of the things I want, but we have fashion, beauty, home and food and to be honest there isn't much else we can ask for! I like to go there as it is a lot more chilled and laid back and its a nice stroll around without feeling like you need to be there hours. I love going with my mum, we can have a good chat along the way, relax, she can take me some Instagram photos, and we can have a relaxed late night shop after work and just feel festive without any shopping pressure of a big shopping centre. I love spending time with my mum and she just makes it all feel so chilled and relaxed! 

One of the most relaxed things we do every week is visit my husbands grandparents. Now this isn't strictly Christmas related, however, when we go, I try not to be plagued by tech, hoping to leave all the stress and pressures of blogging and YouTube work at home and enjoy quality time with them. I did spend a lot of the time we spent there in November prepping a lot of the content for December and blogmas, but usually it is a very chilled and relaxed few hours having a chat about the world, the things that are going on and just enjoying there company. They mean so much to my husband, and obviously to me as well since they became an extension to my family when my husband and I got together and I have been to theirs almost every weekend for almost nine years. I don't have grandparents of my own as they have sadly passed away, and so it is wonderful to have them in my life and them be so supportive of me and my husband. Its just nice to chill and catch up with them, and I feel like if you are visiting someone it can look a little bit rude if you feel like you are ignoring them while you are there! 

I'd love to know your favourite ways to unwind during the festive season and what you are most looking forward to as Christmas grows ever closer! 

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