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December project pan

This month I want to continue on my use it up streak and really have one more big push before the end of the year to use up as much as I can to start the new year with less things in my collection. I have pulled out some festive treats to use up that will still keep me feeling in the Christmas spirit, and allow me to use up as much as I can along the way. 

First up I have some of the Zoella range from last year still on my shelf that I got in the sales. I have the Snow fresh shower gel and Snow silky body lotion which I want to finish up as I have some of the new Christmas range in my collection too. I love the scent of these and I have used some of these already so it isn't a full bottle which will help with using it up. I like that they work together and I am looking forward to using them again since I put them aside around March time. I also have the Zoella winter wonder hand mini hand cream that I want to finish up. I have a lot of hand creams and I am trying to rotate through them so they all get used. I have one in my drawer at work, one in my handbag, one by the bed, one at my desk, well you get the point. This one I will swap to by my desk as I tend to use it most there, and I hope I can get it used up by the end of the year applying it a couple of times a day. 

I am looking to use up two bubble baths that I have acquired this year. Both are from Avon and both are Christmas themed, first I have the Avon Red berries bubble bath, as well as the cranberry and orange bubble bath. I like that these are smaller and so will hopefully be used up quicker. I will be using a lot of the Lush products in the bath too, however I still like to switch it up and make sure I have lots of options so these will be easy to use for baths when I wont be in as long or I don't want to use one of the Lush things. 

In my collection I have tried to pick a range of things and a hair mask fits that quite nicely. I received the Amika soul food nourishing hair mask recently and it will have one or two uses, so will be quick and easy to test out and use up before Christmas. I love using a hair mask on my hair and so I always have one in the bathroom. Being able to try new ones is really great and I love discovering new things through my Birchbox and Glossybox. 

For skin care I wanted to incorporate two new things into the month but in order to be able to have a chance of using them up completely I knew I had to find samples and small sizes. I looked in my collection and found a face mask that peaked my interest and a facial oil. I picked out the Bobbi brown instant detox mask which I think will be good for pulling out all the impurities in my skin when I am wearing heavy, party ready make up more this month. I want to keep on top of my skin care and make sure I am looking after my skin to keep it flawless for the holidays and so a mask will come in handy! I then have The Body Shop oils of life face oil, this is a product that will nourish my skin and keep it in good condition to stop the cold weather making my skin extra dry and cracked as we move into the depths of winter. I always love using and oil and I am excited to finally be able to try this one! 

Lastly, I have the This works perfect legs skin miracle, this is almost like a foundation for your legs. It gives them a subtle hint of colour and makes them look smoothed and a little more flawless. With party season coming up I can see me using this a lot and I think, due to the small size of the product, I should be able to use this up and get through it without worrying. I have a few places to go and I know I will be wearing a dress to some of them so a quick sweep of this over my legs will be sure to give them a healthy glow and make me feel a lot less self conscious about them on the day! 

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