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Christmas decor obsessions

Every year I seem to have a weird obsession with one particular aspect of Christmas decor. Last year I had some sort of crazy obsession with Nutcrackers and as you can see from the picture I did in fact have a fair few pictures with the large Nutcracker decorations I saw when out and about! This year the obsession has turned toward the little elf like gnomes that I have seen in the seasonal aisles, and well I just can't help myself!

I have to say I have bought a few of these when out shopping, and I love having them decorating the house and making it a little more festive. I love how cute these are and I do like that they aren't overly Christmas looking and so I could get away with keeping them up even after the festive season, however I don't think I will end up making them a permanent feature in my collection. 

I have to say I am a little disappointed that there aren't as many of these out and about for me to have photos with, so I guess I will just be looking for anything fun and Christmas themed to take photos of, so do pop over to my Instagram @EntirelySarah to take a peak at all the festive photo action I will have going on. I'd love to know what your favourite decorations are this year!

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