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The calm before the storm

So, we near the end of November, and I have to say, I'm feeling pretty smug. Why, I hear you ask? Well, that is because I am writing a basis of this way in advance (to add more to closer to the posting date), which also means when you read this I will have the biggest majority of blogmas written and scheduled, and I will have most of my Christmas content for YouTube scheduled too. Yep, I am super prepared this year. I honestly love this bit of the year though, these last few days of November, for several reasons and today I am going to share those reasons with you.

So the first reason I love this time of year is that it is Christmas, but not 'stressful Christmas'. What I mean by that is; I can pop to Starbucks or Costa and enjoy a festive latte or festive hot chocolate in a cute Christmas cup, I can see the Christmas lights all switched on and pretty, I can go late night shopping and pretend to be super organised with all the presents I am buying for people, I can put on a scarf and cute hat and be cosy and warm and just generally wander around like I have all the time in the world. Yet the minute December hits I go into panic. The tree needs putting up, have I wrapped all the presents? Do I have a present for everyone or did I forget one and now I need to have an emergency town trip because its too late to order online?! December can be very stressful and I never quite feel like I actually have my sh!t together, haha! 

Now, I know for some of you, if you are a blogger, and doing blogmas you will also feel a slight, a lot, amount of stress towards the whole planning and prepping of it all. For me, I have deliberately made November my busiest work month of the year to basically take December off of blogging and filming for my main channel, so that I can vlog the month and have lots of fun vlogmas content for you. I mean, I will still have to go ahead and edit every day to get the vlogs up the following day, but we can do it, right? 

I am taking the last few days of November off working as I want to make the most of a few days of calm before the Vlogmas, Blogmas and Entirely Christmas extravaganza takes over on my channels and website and I wont know what to do, making sure my content is properly scheduled, planned and all in place to seamlessly flow and make sure I don't need to constantly check on it all every day. I am going to sit down on the Sunday of every weekend leading up to Christmas and just check that the 7 days that follow all have content planned, scheduled and ready to automatically post on the day to take on less worry off my mind. 

I am so excited to be taking a few days off, spending some evenings relaxing and getting ready for the festive season. I am honestly really looking forward to Christmas and all the fun adventures we are going on in Vlogmas, and I am loving spending a few days planning what we might get up to in Vlogmas, and I hope you enjoy all of the content I am posting next month as much as I do! 

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