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Testing Tropic skin care

 Every now and again I get asked if I want to test out some products, have a play with them and see how they work for me. Most often I am excited to give things a go and test out lots of new things to share with you all. When I was asked by a friend at work if I wanted to test out some Tropic skin care goodies, I was quite excited. You will know from my previous posts that I have way too much stuff in my collection, so I can't justify buying any new things just at the moment, but testing I can do. I mean, in the name of blogging and all that? 

So I was presented with the cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum and a face mask. I asked for the face mask for drier skin as I know the change in weather is sending my skin into its drier days and I knew that would be best for me. Upon getting the products I had wore a full face of make up to go out in the evening and I knew I needed to use the new skin care to tackle it and take it off. 

Now I swear by an oil cleanser and very rarely will deviate from that, and only usually onto a balm cleanser. I haven't had good experiences with cream cleansers and so I was sceptical when I first took the product out, but I reserve all judgement for after use. The cleanser recommends you use 2-4 pumps to cleanse the skin, and if you are wearing make up, you can double cleanse going in a second time with 1-2 pumps of product. Now I was wearing; primer, full coverage foundation, full coverage concealer, liquid highlighter, highlighter, bronzer, brow liner, brow gel, eye primer, 4 eye shadows, glitter, black liquid liner, 2 different mascaras and a pencil liner on my waterline, not to mention the bright berry red lip..... 2 pumps on my hand I began to apply it to my skin, I work in the order of cheeks, forehead, eyes and then lips, I find breaking down the face make up then moving to eyes gives less of a messy look to the skin and smears less of the broken down product. As you may be able to tell from the photo it took all my make up off in one go! I was so impressed as I often have to persuade my skin to part with my make up if I don't have my trusty oil to break down the heavy make up I wear. The cleanser smells amazing, it has a lovely fresh scent a little lemon-ish and it reminds me of a soap I once owned from Lush, a beautiful scent which I can't get enough of! This really was a pleasure to work with, it didn't sting my eyes and my skin felt cleansed, clean and smooth after each use which I love. 

I always say in reviews, but I never quite seem to see the effects of a toner? I mean, I know its doing something but mixed in with the other products I am just not sure what is the toner and what is the cleanser and what the other bits are doing as stand alone products. I can say this has a lovely scent to it, it smells nice and I think that is always good when you have to spritz something onto the skin. Sprays always make me a little nervous at first, you never know how much spray is going to come out at once, is it a fine mist or will it feel like I just got drenched? I was very pleased with the way this sprayed and I was pleasantly surprised to spray and find this was a good middle ground that means you don't feel like you just got a shower, but the mist gives good coverage on the face, meaning you don't feel like you need to spray it twenty times to feel the product on the skin. I sprayed this onto the skin and patted it into the skin gently as advised. It sank into the skin quickly and was calming and refreshing on my skin. 

For the moisturiser, it is recommended to mix in two drops of the elixir oil into the product, mix it together and apply all over the face and neck. The moisturiser itself is a nice consistency, thick enough to know it will hydrate the skin well, but thin enough to smooth out over the skin easily without feeling like you are suffocating in a thick layer of cream. The oil itself is easy to use and didn't give the moisturiser any greasy residue like some oils I have used in the past, mixing in really well to create one cohesive product that was ready to be applied. Once on the skin the product worked into the skin well with my skin absorbing it quickly and easily, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and like it would continue to be hydrated while I was sleeping. I love the fact that this sunk into the skin so quickly, I often apply oils and moisturiser and feel like I have lots of residue on the skin when I go to bed, but this was often mostly soaked in by the time I had finished my skin care routine and getting ready for bed. The instant hydration really was lovely, you can feel it working immediately and especially with the colder weather my skin is thanking me for the intense hydration.

When it came to the mask I chose to try, I went for the 'Deep hydration' this one is a creamy gel mask which hydrates and soothes. I was far too eager to use this and so I accidentally forgot to photograph the mask in its little sample pot, but do excuse that one! I applied this all over my face an neck and had a good amount of product to get a good layer and have an intense mask. I left this on for around 20 minutes and found it very easy to rinse off. I could feel that the mask had worked on the skin leaving it feeling instantly hydrated and soothed. I really like the formula of this, it applied easily onto the skin, feeling comfortable and easy to wear for the 20 minutes I left it on. It felt almost undetectable on my skin as I lay in the bath waiting for it to work its magic as I relaxed. I pop a mask on my face, one on my hair and I am all set to relax and have a pamper. 

Tropic skincare is a little more pricey than some of the other brands I use, but after testing it out I really do like it. My skin reacted well to it and I think the smooth soft finish it had on my skin is really a testament to how well my skin responded to it. I feel like this is a range that I could switch to and enjoy, and not have to worry about any areas of skin care. I was glad to have such good results with the cream cleanser for removing my make up as I haven't ever really got on well with creams and always use an oil. I would say if you get the opportunity to try this, definitely sample it and give it a go. You all know how much I currently have in my collection and how I am on a huge declutter and downsize mission, so for the moment I wont be buying any new products, but I will have these on my list of things I want to check out again when I have got to the bottom of my collection! 

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  1. Thanks for that Sarah, I too love the products. I also love the fact they are cruelty free, naturally made and carbon neutral.
    There's more information in my online shop if anyone is interested:
    You can test the make up next x