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Rediscovering things through my project pan

This year I took it upon myself to have a year of using up a lot of the stuff I have as I hoard way too many products and then I have so much I can't ever use it up! I pulled out 18 products I have barely touched for the past months and I decided this year I would use them up, alongside a lot of other products I have in my collection. My project pan has allowed me to rediscover a lot of products that I had forgotten about and hadn't used for a while. 

Mixed in with the 18 products are a few that I find ok, but aren't my favourite and so I will be using them up, but not repurchasing, and others will potentially be making a come back when I worked through my collection and narrowed it down to the best things that I want to keep in there and continue using for the foreseeable future.

In the products I am using up I have rediscovered seven of them and have quite enjoyed using them over the past few months. For beauty I have been enjoying rediscovering my Naked basics palette from Urban Decay, this is one that I bought when I was obsessed with the Naked hype and bought them all as they launched, but being only the six shades and not being the most versatile I soon got a bit bored of it compared to the other palettes and so it became pushed to the back of my collection and forgotten about. I have pulled it out as it has shades I can use in ever look, even just from a transition shade to a highlight shade and I have tried to incorporate it into most looks to keep using it and I hope to hit pan on at least three of the shades by the end of the year as I did take a bit of a hiatus from my project pan for a little while. Also in with beauty I have been reaching for The Body Shop lip balm a lot too, the frosted berry scent is so nice and the formula is really hydrating which I like. I have made a lot of progress on this over the months and I feel confident that I will have used this up by the end of the project. 

For hair, I have three products and I have been loving all three. The Bumble and Bumble thickening spray helps to thicken the hair and I have used this almost every time I have washed my hair, with a few exceptions. This is one that I had left as I hadn't really using as I hadn't figured out my best option with it, but now I have this down to a fine art and know how to use it in a way that works for me and it has been a staple since the start of the project. Along with this I have the Moroccan oil which I notice a dramatic difference to my hairs condition and feel when I use this my hair looks and feels much healthier and much better condition. Lastly, I have the Pantene overnight nourishing spray, lets just say you can't buy this any more so it shows how long it been lurking in my collection. I don't use this all the time but it gives the hair a nice moisture boost and gives it a healthy look. I find with the other products my hair can get overloaded so I don't use them in conjunction too much, but it definitely adds such a nice finish to the hair when used without too many other products and in moderation, speaking of not using this all the time, I seem to have misplaced it since I last used it, so it must be lurking by my bed somewhere as I genuinely can't find it to photograph it!

When it comes to body products I have been reaching for the Soap and Glory Righteous butter, this is thicker than the formulas I typically like, however, it is one that I find if I only use it once a week or so I can get away with it and my skin benefits from the thicker, more hydrating formula. I have enjoyed popping this into my routine and think it smells lovely, as well as working well and leaving my skin feeling soft. I have used one of these up completely, however I did have two so I am working on the second one now since falling in love with the first! 

I would love to know if you are doing a project pan and what you have found so far, or how you are getting on, so do let me know in the comments and we can all share our experiences! 

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