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November ♥

I was so ready for a chilled out month, planning to relax before Christmas and December, but apparently I just ended up being super busy! I had so much going on, all on top of prepping all the content I wanted to make ready for blogmas, vlogmas and my own Christmas series, and well, its all been crazy. 

So, lets go chronological and start from the beginning. First up was cocktails and shopping, right at the beginning of the month my friend Ellie and I went out shopping and ended up making cocktails and having a good laugh getting started on our Christmas shopping. I did get some of this in  the vlog I did over on Entirely Sarah's Life, so do pop over to my vlog channel if you are looking forward to vlogmas! Following up from this I went to see my friends of bonfire night and had a lovely get together, as we always do at the start of November and it is so lovely. 

Another adventure I went on was to the new ice bar that has opened in Derby's Intu shopping centre. The bar is designed by the people who create sets for movies like Harry Potter and the drinks menu is simply amazing! It was lovely to make my own cocktail and have a nice time with lots of lovely people. I can't wait to go back to the bar, and I hope I do get chance to before it all gets taken down in the new year.

Also this month I got to go to a hen do, it was a low key, family hen do with a nice meal and good company. I love celebrating weddings, and hen do's are always a lot of fun! Its so lovely to spend time with people I love and share such special memories with them. I also went to Meadow hall this month, we went on the 17th, and let me tell you, this is the closest I would go to Christmas as it gets so busy! I had a good time and I did manage to get a few bits. I roped my husband into taking myself and my friend Ellie, as I was nervous to drive there, however he didn't seem the best pleased to begin with, but he ended up buying the most! I had a lovely day shopping and I am glad to have gotten some more of my presents bought! 

Earlier this year my husband was hit by a car. I remember everything about what I was doing the day it happened and when I got the phone call. I have ran over the situation that I could have been widowed at 24 and I honestly hug him a little tighter everyday. He was nominated for an award this month and we got to go to the award ceremony for it. He didn't win his category, but we met some of the most amazing and inspirational people we could have ever wished to meet, and it was such an amazing evening, I had to hold back tears at the amazing stories and nominations as well as the winners. There are so many amazing people in this world, we need to celebrate them more! This month also saw my cousin get married. I love winter weddings and it makes me want to put my dress on and relive my whole wedding experience. I am so pleased for them and it was such a beautiful day. 

We went to a screening of a movie that we had no idea what it was going to be. Its called 'Odeon Cinema screen unseen' and it was a weird experience. We ended up seeing 'Sorry to bother you' which is a science fiction/fantasy film set in an alternate reality of the present day. It is the weirdest film I have ever seen and it is a normal straight forward film for about the first hour and half, and then the last 20ish minutes is just a weird science fiction, crazy scenario that I genuinely would never have seen coming, and I wouldn't believe anyone who thinks they can predict the ending of this film! I kinda recommend it if you like weird, but its a bit strange, so take it with a pinch of salt. 

I hope you have had a good month, and I would love to know what you have been up to this month, or what you are looking forward to next month! 

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