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Bonfire night

Bonfire night is a night I love, it is a time I find magical as I love the fireworks and getting warm by a bonfire. I know that this can be a dangerous time of year and I fully appreciate that the fireworks can be quite scary for a lot of people and animals. I feel like it is a holiday that we spend with friends which also makes it feel a little more special. 

Every year for bonfire night we go to my friends parents to have a night in with friends, we have a little fire going in the garden, a few fire works and lots of lovely food to keep us warmed through. I love getting together, spending some quality time together with friends and seeing some beautiful fire works. I always think bonfire night is fun because you can often see fireworks from other people as well, so you can usually enjoy the evening out of your window if you don't want to get cold or go out. 

I love a lot of the elements of bonfire night, right from the history of it all, through to the food and fireworks. If you don't know they holiday comes from when Guy Fawkes was arrested in 1605 for his involvement in the gun powder plot and trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Does anyone else ever wonder what impact it may have had if the plan had gone ahead and they had actually blown up parliament, how different would history, and life today be? I digress as I kinda love history! 

Hot dogs and burgers are a staple food this time of year and I am partial to a good burger, but one of my favourite things to do is toast marshmallows on a fire, we do this pretty much every year and it is such a fun thing to do, and they taste so good when they go all gooey, melted and warm! We had had a few marshmallow casualties over the years, from accidentally burning a few, to setting one completely on fire! Who knew marshmallows were so flammable! 

Getting cosy and snug is one of the main things to remember this time of year too, although you get a bit of warmth from a bonfire or fire, you are naturally going to be a little bit, or a lot, cold! I love to do a couple of thinner layers under a coat, so I don't get too warm inside a house, but I am not cold when I get outside. I like to have a cosy scarf on and a nice bobble hat to keep me warm and cosy too. I think its important to have cute accessories as it means you can feel stylish while still staying warm.

For me, bonfire night is a fun and exciting day of the year spent with friends, filled with laughter and fond memories, but I want to stress the importance of also being safe. It sounds such a straightforward and simple thing, but I want you all to make sure you are safe and well this bonfire night as fireworks, sparklers and bonfires are all dangerous in their own right and if we don't use them safely it can be very dangerous. Stay safe and have fun!

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