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Autumnal beauty favourites

While I have done a make up must have for autumn, I do think there is a difference between saying a category or a type of product which I feel is a must for autumn, and sharing what I am generally loving when we get deep into autumn and why I love each one.

First up, and one I think I could talk about until the cows come home is the YSL lipstick I treated myself to recently. This is one of the matte ones and is in the shade 214. I picked out this shade as I wanted a neutral shade that I could wear day to day and get the most wear from. I picked it online based on lots of reviews and I love the shade. I like that it is neutral and allows me to go a little darker or smokier on the eyes, but still have a stunning lip colour that isn't strictly a plain nude.

Recently I am becoming more and more aware of how pale I actually am, and how flat an dull my skin looks if I don't contour or bronze. I am making more effort with bronzer as I have been scared of it for a long time, always finding them to be way too dark for my skin tone. I have to say since getting my Urban Decay Sin afterglow palette I am embracing using bronzer and over the past few months I have been building up bit by bit to make my skin look healthier and glowing. 

While I like to now bronze my skin to make it look healthier, I also like to make my skin look glowing. Recently I have discovered a few gems that really do make my skin glow and look like it is lit from within. One of these products is in my aforementioned Urban Decay Sin afterglow palette and is the sin highlighter. This is such a beautiful glowing shade that always looks stunning on the skin with the slightest tap of the brush. A second, and surprising discovery was the MUA Luxe set and reflect finishing kit, this is in the shade white gold and is a product I only discovered through Glossybox. I feel like I gravitated towards MUA when they first launched, the budget brand was perfect for me student lifestyle and I could try lots of new products on a budget. I was excited to get this in my Glossybox, as I love highlighter and I admit, this is a brilliant budget one. For just £5 you get a setting powder and a highlighter which works beautifully to give the cheeks a stunning glow. 

Through the summer I love lighter, brighter eye looks and I find myself not reaching for black liner for my water line. I find it makes my eyes look a bit harsh and in the heat my make up can sometimes end up smearing, so the less black to smudge, the better! However, once the cold weather rolls around I suddenly find myself reaching for a black eyeliner to deepen my eye looks and makes my eyes look more bold. Competing with my thick framed glasses to make sure my eyes don't get lost can sometimes be a struggle, and some days I completely resent my need to wear glasses. 

I am loving having some basics in my collection that are my current go to products as I love knowing what works and things I can grab quick. While I do love trying new products, I think it is always good to have a few options for quick make up that you can do in a hurry and know how it will turn out. I find I like to try new products when I have more time to get ready, or I like to have one or two products to try and mix in every so often to see how they perform with products I already know I love. I would love to know your current staples in your make up collection to give me some new things to test out over the coming months, although I am so excited to see what is in my advent calendar and what new things I can test out over the next couple of months! 

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