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Anti ageing, when should we start?

We all know the saying 'Prevention is better than cure' and we all know they tell us to start using anti-ageing products in our 20's, with 25 being the recommended age, as I have been told by many skin care experts, but do we need to? I mean, I am now 25, but when the boiler man came to service my boiler last week and asked if anyone else was home, to determine if I was a minor left alone without my parents, I think my forever 12 years old look is one that isn't crying out for anti wrinkle creams. 

I have accumulated a few samples over some of the blogger events I have been too and dabbled a little bit with a few, however, I never really know if I should be using them or not at my age and I know that I technically don't need to 'reverse' any wrinkles as I can't see any on my face, but I know if I begin preventing them it may be better in the future so I don't suddenly wake up at 40 and look 90! 

My other problem is it is so overwhelming, some are serums, some are moisturisers some is built into eye cream it can be confusing knowing where to incorporate it. Not only that, there is then anti ageing products from every brand you can imagine, and well how do we know which is best for our skin? I technically wont see a reduction in wrinkles or fine lines as I have none, and I wont see the results until maybe five or ten years time when I either wrinkle like a prune anyway, or don't know if I am just blessed with a baby face for my entire life. 

I know I don't look after my skin the way I should anyway, but I do try to take care of it in a decent way. I think I need to really look into switching out some of the products which aren't anti ageing for ones that are anti ageing as I use up things off my shelves and need to replace them as I know it will have benefits in the long run, but I also know that if I do prevent or delay wrinkles for as long as possible it will inevitably be better for me and will be something I will be glad about for a while to come. 

I mean, even writing this ramble style post I find I am still no clearer on what I kinda want to do with my skin care. So if you do have any product recommendations for this, or if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them below, as you might be able to tell I am useless at this and have no clue whats going on when it comes to skin care and anti ageing. So you can come on this journey of skin care discovery with me as I go through trial and error seeing what I like as I try things out! 

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