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The change in season

Autumn is upon us and while summer was a long one, I am glad its come to a close. The weather was hotter than we can legally hope for in the UK for the early stages of the summer and much into August, followed by the slowing down of the sun and going into some rainy territory. I have fond memories of being hot this summer, but its also been a crazy one.

This year has been a long one and I can say while my YouTube channel has somewhat grown and is growing slowly, this has been a long year where my blog has been neglected. I feel like it has took a back seat and I really never intended it to, and I thought it was about time to revive it and, with a little bit of planning I am doing blogtober, or blogoween whichever popular name you prefer. 

The summer was long and something I have talked about on my channel is the passing of my mother in law. It was a shock and something none of us saw coming, but this took up so much of the summer. Usually you are looking at about 2-3 weeks for organising a funeral, and yet it took almost two months for the plans and prep to come together and so this dominated all of our summer. It meant our plans for a holiday went out the window and we spent the entire of the week off we had together planning a funeral and running around. Obviously we appreciate it needed doing, but due to her husbands blatant disregard, and showing no grief or care that she had passed, it all fell to my husband to organise. 

I feel summer slipped away with very little going on, but I did at least appreciate the sun shine and hot weather when it was here and was something I could have a little bit of time enjoying between all the craziness. Though I am a summer baby, born in June, I am definitely more suited to the autumnal weather and autumn is definitely my favourite season and one I long for as the year goes on. I do always appreciate the summer and I always feel like I should make the most of it, however, I hate wasps and bees, and anything that makes even the mildest buzzing noise, so I tend to just stay indoors, and then the sun's gone and I feel deflated! We missed out on a holiday this year, and the money had to go elsewhere, but I think we will make up for it with some nice trips to different places in the autumn and winter months and do more then. 

I honestly feel so much more relaxed now that all the stress we have faced over this summer is done with, but the process of grieving is not over and I know that we will still have hard days, probably mostly over the festive period when it is more focused on family time, but I am going to make sure my husband is surrounded with love, and make sure we do a lot more family related things keep it special for him. I would love to know what you guys have planned for the autumnal months and what you are looking forward to most as the season changes more and the cold weather draws in! 

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