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Taking care of my body in autumn

As you may know I posted the other day about self care and how I feel like I have a lack of it in my life right now. I am really trying to make small steps and try to look after myself even when I feel like its a struggle. I am also trying to use up a lot of the products I own as some of them have been sitting in my collection for what feels like a little bit too long. I am working hard to make sure I am taking the best care I can of my body and hoping to really get into the swing of things to make my body look and feel good during the colder months, while also downsizing my ever expanding collection. 

One of the first products I am using is a hair mask, this is something I have felt I should reach for a little more at the minute as my hair is desperate for a cut and covered in split ends. I do know the masks wont fix this, but at least they will hydrate it a little and make it look a little better until I get round to dragging myself to the hair dressers for a hair cut. I also recently dyed my hair, and we all know this is a damaging process, so I feel like a little extra care in my hair routine wont go amiss! 

I am really trying to make sure I use more body scrubs and exfoliate my skin regularly. I do get a bit lazy with this, but as the weather gets colder I feel like extra exfoliation does help to keep my skin in nicer condition. I find it helps my skin to look and feel softer and makes sure I have got rid of all the dead skin before I go on to hydrate my skin with a moisturiser. 

Once I am exfoliated and washed, I am trying to moisturise my body most times, and I feel I have got this into a habit and find I now do it about 4/5 times I go in the bath. There is always the odd evening, or the odd time when I have a morning shower and need to rush to get dressed that I don't get chance or don't want to wait for it to sink in, but on the whole I am getting a lot better. I am really getting into using body lotions and body butters and while I used to hate the process, I think it is becoming rewarding and I feel like I am actually looking after myself when I am doing it which gives me a nice feeling to know I am taking that extra bit of self care and looking after myself.

Now the weather is starting to get colder I am using hand cream more often too. I have a few scattered over my desk at home, and one in my desk drawer at work, and I find that just trying to apply it at least 2 or 3 times a day helps to keep my hands feeling soft and hydrated. I am trying to make an effort to use it more before the weather changes to be super cold in order to prevent my hands getting chapped and sore. 

I am really getting into using lots of products and I know I am slowly using through my collection which definitely is my goal, I want to have less products and make the most of the things in my collection. I would love to know your favourite products at the minute as I am always on the lookout for things to add to my wish list to try and try out when I need to purchase some more products. 

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