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Self care struggles

Self care is such an important thing to priorities and I feel like I am not doing very well with it at the moment. I think since July I have had the worst self care levels and I am just permanently exhausted and run down. I think its been a series of months with one thing after another and I can honestly say I am looking forward to 2019 as a fresh start and new beginnings of things. 

I always notice my self care is the first thing to drop when I am not in a good mindset or have so much going on. Sometimes its a struggle to get out of bed in a morning, and the idea of brushing your teeth, washing your face and brushing your hair is almost like to big of a chore to even comprehend, but we do what we can, don't we. 

I feel like I am always tired, which in turn halts some of my ability to get some of the self care done. From struggling to get up to put make up on, to not taking care to plan my outfits. This extends to not running a nice hot bubble bath, instead hopping into the shower and not enjoying the experience, not using face masks and just neglecting things like body lotion. 

I feel like autumn is the time of year where I feel like self care almost falls into place. The cosy nights in my pj's, hot bubble baths and spending quality time offline with the TV or a movie on is just really easy to do, especially when the weather is cold and all the TV series' I like to watch are on. Going out at weekends also pushes me too make the effort, knowing we will take my camera and take cute Instagramable photos gives me the push I need to do my make up, but I don't end up being as creative as I want to be. 

Self care is so important and while I know I have struggled a lot recently I am definitely working towards a better me and taking care of myself as much as I can, but I think its going to be a journey of ups and downs while life gets back on track and we get into a happier, healthier mindset and space. 

I would love to know what you do for self care, so lets share some tips in the comments to help us all have a nicer, better month as we move towards bonfire night! 

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