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Scents for the home

Now the nights are drawing in I love getting cosy with the fire on, lighting a candle and making the home smell lovely. I always have a stock of Christmas candles as I always buy too many every year, however the autumnal scents seem to slip away as I never buy many of them. I thought I would share with you the few scents I am using to make my home smell nice and feel cosy this time of year.

I tend to find the autumnal scents are the smaller candles in my collection as I will burn a Christmas candle right from November if I can get away with it! I did however find this lovely candle when food shopping this past weekend, I loved the orange tone of the wax, it feels very autumnal and the candle itself is called Radiant Autumn with some beautiful orange roses on the front. The candle has a sweet vanilla scent to it, with it being described online as smelling like the 'bright sun on turning leaves and the vanilla notes of change.' Whatever this is officially scented as, the sweet element of the vanilla is lovely and I am so excited to have my home smelling of this as I burn it over October. 

Onto the smaller votive samplers that I will be using over the Autumn and transitioning into the Christmas period I have the Cosy by the fire scent, which as the name suggests smells like you are sitting by the open fire. If there is one thing that gets me excited for autumn and cosy nights in it is the thoughts of an open fire, unfortunately, open fires are not only messy and a lot of work, as well as the fact we couldn't have one at our house even if we wanted one, so the candles are the next best thing! It also reminds me of our honeymoon as our log cabin had an open wood fire in and it was simply magical! 

Cosying up under a blanket as the nights draw in has to be a typical sign of the changing weather and the autumn drawing in, so this candle caught my eye just by the name and the image of the cosy knitted blankets. Described as 'A touch of amber, a dash of petals and lots of all things soft and comforting' the scent reminds me of fabric softener that you put in the washer when doing laundry. It makes me think of burying my face in a scarf on the cold autumn mornings as I walk through the leaves, keeping my chin and nose warm as the nights get darker and it slowly turns to winter. I love the clean fresh scents, and this is slightly different to the fresh linen, but has a similar kind of feel to the fragrance, while having warm cosy notes. 

Japanese Maple is a candle that screams autumn, from the beautiful muted pink shade to the crisp autumnal leaves adorned on the sticker. The candle is a more floral scent, having soft floral notes, however a subtle sweetness to the candle stops is feeling like an overly summery floral and gives it a depth and warmth that makes you feel cosy. The candle is reminiscent of summer days without feeling like you are burning a summer candle, and its nod to autumn makes the change of season feel exciting and makes you eager to burn it. I like that this is a little different for autumn as it isn't the scent range I would usually go for, however I am really enjoying the scent and cannot wait to make my house smell like this! 

I am always looking for new scents to burn to keep my house smelling fresh and make it cosy and inviting for guests, so I am always hoping for new recommendations, so please do leave your favourite candles in the comments for me to explore and find some beautiful new ones to try and fall in love with! 

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