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New products I am trying

Over the past few months I have been getting Birchbox and Glossy box and I have been trying out some of the new bits I have got in my boxes, however, I always end up with a few things I haven't got round to trying and they end up in my 'new in' stash waiting to be rediscovered when I fancy something new. Its like a mini shopping spree, without spending a penny! I wanted to have a little dig through my collection of new products I haven't tried yet to see what new things I could try, as I am feeling a little underwhelmed with keep using the same things in my project pan and on my declutter mission! 

I am sure my shower gels multiply on my shelf when I am not looking! I am sure I never have as many as I do, but behold, there is a good stash. I pulled out this Rituals foaming shower gel, and I have to admit, part of the attraction was the coppery orange tone of the bottle which makes me think of autumn! I love foaming shower gels, they work well, feel nice and add a little extra luxury to the shower. The scent is described as sweet orange and cedar wood, and I am excited to use this and have a little bit of something different to switch between alongside my main shower gel for my project pan! 

I love testing new beauty items, but recently, other than things in my project pan, I haven't been buying a lot of make up. I feel a bit uninspired with the current collections but I have a few new bits to try and see how they work for me. I want to try the Benefit porefessional pear primer as part of my make up routine, I used to use the original porefessional and really liked the way it worked, so I am hoping the pearl version is just as nice. I have almost used up one of the other primers that I have been using and so I am on the look out for a new one to purchase soon, so this sample might turn out to be one I want to repurchase. 

Two Benefit products together? Well, this one is a mascara, I always seem to have a few mascaras on the go, but I have got to a bit of a point where a few of them have got to the end of their life and I just need to replace it for hygiene reasons. I pulled this one out my drawer, and I am really excited to give it a go as I have heard such good things about it. I love getting a new mascara too, I think it is the one thing I feel like is most changeable in my make up routine as they expire and dry up quite quickly. 

When I first got the Eyeko brow liner I was a bit unsure about it, the colour is medium but it just didn't seem to look like it was going to match. I have decided I just need to try it! I think the colour will look ok when I use it in my brows, however I am going to make sure to test it out in the evening one night just so I have the safety net of washing it off if the colour doesn't suit me. I have never used a felt tip brow liner before so I am looking forward to testing out something new and seeing how I get along with it. 

Perfume samples are one of my favourite kinds of samples, they are a great way to properly test a perfume over a couple of days without commiting to spending around £70 a time if you get it home to find it isn't quite what you hoped it would be. I want to try the new Paco Rabanne Pure XS fragrance. The scent sounded intriguing and as soon as I got the sample at an event just over a week ago I decided I needed to try it! The scent sounds so intriguing with notes of ylang ylang, hot vanilla, sweet and salty popcorn, sandalwood, and ambrette seeds, it sounds like nothing else I have heard described before. The notes of popcorn and hot vanilla sound amazing and make me think of the carnival! I haven't yet had chance to smell this as I am saving it to wear soon, but I will report back as I think it sounds lovely! 

While these aren't the newest releases in the stores at the moment I think they can sometimes get overlooked when they have been out a while and so I thought I would share with you a few of the things that are new to me, and why I was intrigued to test them out of my ever growing collection! 

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