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How I have grown to love autumn

When I was younger autumn was always the in between for me. I sued to walk to school, and go into town with my mum and I remember there was this one tree that always seemed to change most obviously on our walk into our local town and we would always measure how far into autumn we were based on the changes of the trees leaves. It is a fond memory and I always find me gazing at the trees and appreciating the change with the fond memories in mind. 

Being young I always longed for summer, the six week holidays off school, the nicer weather and a family holiday. Going out and seeing friends and just having some time to do what I wanted to. I loved summer, it felt like freedom and not having to worry about school for a few weeks was always nice as a kid, I think we can all agree with that.

I then loved winter, the cold nights, the Christmas lights and waiting on Santa to come. As a kid I appreciated winter, the hype of Christmas and the approaching holidays. I never quite enjoyed the cold weather, but I appreciated the cold meant the holidays were coming ever closer. I remember going on little car rides around our local area to see some of the houses which were known to decorate up with lights. I always was so excited for Christmas, as a lot of us always are. 

I always thought of autumn as that weird, mostly rainy part between the peaceful summer and the cosy Christmas. I always hated that crazy, grey, rainy part that encompassed back to school, my least favourite holiday which was Halloween and I just didn't enjoy the months from September to November. I have spoken more through blogtober about my journey to love Halloween, but I feel like my love of autumn grew as I did. 

I found a fondness in the change of the season, I loved getting cosy in a scarf and a new coat. I think I most appreciated it when I began my commute to university, a two hour commute each way saw me up early and home late. I would love the crisp dark morning air as I walked to catch my commute, coffee in hand to wake me up and warm me as I found my way to uni. I appreciated and marvelled at every autumn sunrise I saw on those commutes and I long to experience them again, minus the early wake up call! I found autumn fashion much more inspiring and I was getting into reading fashion blogs more than just the beauty blogs and pushing my own creativity and fashion to see where I could get it to. 

I feel like I now get a satisfaction from autumn, the calm lull between the hot summer and the holidays and getting together all the Christmas stuff and having to rush around the shops full speed to get all the gifts I want. It is a chance to slow down, enjoy wearing a cute outfit with a nice scarf, a fun knit jumper without being smothered by a coat, and just enjoying a movie under a blanket!  

I never thought I would love autumn, I was always so focused on the summer and winter that I never realised that this part of the year is such a wonderful one, and I think the crisp golden leaves are one of the beautiful things that I always look forward to. I'd love to know what your favourite season is and what you are most looking forward to for the rest of the year! 

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