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Hair care heroes

My hair is always past its best when it gets to autumn and I have recently dyed it and I am so pleased with the more ginger tone of it. I feel like I make less and less effort with my hair and I really need to step it up and take more care, and spend more time styling it in a morning. I wanted to share a couple of products I have been reaching for lately to pick my hair up and make it look and feel healthier in the colder weather and after dying it. 

First up of the three is a L'Oreal hair mask, this is the dream lengths heat mask. I really like this and have used a couple of them in the past to give my hair some TLC. I love that it comes with the hair mask and a shower cap which you put on over the top and then it heats up while on the hair. It feels lovely when it gets warm and it really is a pleasure to wear. This leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and hydrated which is always lovely as it looks and feels a lot healthier than I expected it too when I first saw this, I have found myself including these in my hair care every couple of months to help my hair look and feel better. 

Detoxing my scalp has been something I have been trying again, and I have to say I feel like it gives great results on my hair. The slightly gritty feel of the Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox helps to really work any product off the roots of the hair and clarify the scalp to stop it feeling weighed down by product. I am a dry shampoo lover as it makes my hair last another day before washing, but it also gives volume. By the time my hair is coated in a good layer of dry shampoo I am always struggling to wash my hair and get it feeling completely clean, but I do feel like this gives that effect on the hair, making it feel squeaky clean and clarified. 

I am pretty sure Ojon isn't a brand that exists any more, but I have this hair oil in my collection which I have been switching between and I wanted to mention it as I am reaching for it a lot lately when I wash my hair. I love the way this makes me hair feel and I feel like a bit of oil in the ends really works to nourish the hair and help to hydrate the ends which are damaged by the hair dying I have done recently. I have a few oils I am reaching for, but this one is my current go to as I want to use it up and get it out of my collection, and it works just as well as the others I have. 

I would love to know your go to products for the hair and what you recommend I try out as I am always on the hunt for new things to test out and give a go! 

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