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Fall fashion and a wardrobe update

I have recently become so much more aware of the things in my wardrobe, and I want to really strip it all back, start a fresh and really get my wardrobe to be full of just the things I love that fit well and really flatter my body. I have spent years feeling dragged down fashion wise and I am really inspired to just rip my wardrobe apart and start all over again with things I love. I am loving looking at getting some new pieces and have done some shopping in the past few weeks and I am really excited to share my wardrobe update and a look book over on my YouTube channel next week.

One of the first things I needed to do was to sort through my wardrobe and get rid of everything that didn't fit, didn't work well for me or didn't flatter my body shape. I think one of the hardest things is getting everything out and seeing your clothing collection become smaller as you get rid of things, but my saving grace on this one is that you know everything you will be left with is going to fit well, look nice and flatter you. I always find I hang on to things in my wardrobe because I always feel as though I will get rid of the stuff I don't want or like any more and not find things in the stores to replace them with, but this year I am really biting the bullet and downsizing to what I love.

The next thing I needed to do was shop for the pieces I was missing in my wardrobe, or the things I needed to replace. While doing this I still wanted to stay on the minimalist kind of theme, I don't want to go full minimal in m wardrobe, but I know if I start going overboard buying new bits I will lose the sense of what I am achieving. I want to make sure I am keeping it concise for now as I can always expand on what I am getting later and add in more pieces as the months go on. This also means I am saving money as I am not trying to buy everything in one go.

When it comes to getting my shopping home and adding it to my collection I have a stricter regime for incorporating things. Before I would come home, hang it up and wear it when I next got chance, this time I want to try it on, style it and make sure it fits properly, looks nice and matches to create new outfits in my wardrobe. I have bought things in the past, put them into my wardrobe and then realised when its too late to return it that I don't really have things to style it with, and I find it hard to wear. I end up wearing it a few times and pushing it to the back. 

I am still figuring out what things I am keeping from my hauls right now, but I have a few key pieces I love that I have added, and while I didn't want to share any spoilers of the things I am adding into my wardrobe here, I did want to give a bit of an idea of how I have worked this out and done the process to help or inspire anyone else wanting to do this. I would love to know your newest piece in your wardrobe right now and what you are loving to help inspire my next purchase on something I may not have! 

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