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Current cosy reading

Autumn nights mean I end up being cosy on the sofa, or heading to bed early with a book to escape the dark night that make it feel way later than it is. I love reading and I find autumn and winter is the time I get most into it. I wanted to share with you the few things I am reading this month and why I am looking forward to reading them, or why I am enjoying them so far. 

One of my most recent purchases on the book shelf is the new Zoe Sugg book, Cordially Invited. I had this pre-ordered and I was really looking forward to getting it as I love this kind of book. Recipes, little DIY's homely touches and inspiration for hosting events at home. I am slowly dipping into the book and reading little bits, but it is a bit more of a coffee table book where you can just read a couple of pages at a time. I love the way the book is set out into the seasons, it makes it easier to find what you are looking for and gives you an idea of where you need to look for the particular thing you are looking for. As you can imagine, I have glanced over spring and summer,but at the minute my focus is on the autumn and winter sections as they are the most relevant for this time of year. 

Next on my list is my Talking with female serial killers book. Nothing quite says scary Halloween reading like a serial killer book! I loved some of the other books by Christopher Berry-Dee, and I saw when shopping he has a new one out that I hadn't seen before, so I am adding that to my Christmas list. I love getting my head stuck into a book and expanding my knowledge on a topic I love and find so fascinating. I wrote my dissertation on female perpetrators and I found it a interesting topic to research as I feel like it is still an area that people don't automatically think of. 

I am always on the look out for new books to read and I want to make so much more time to read as we move into November and December. I would love to get a few more cosy, winter and Christmas themed books to have a read of, but I feel like some of them are a bit childish when it comes to the themed books, so I will just keep and eye out and see if I can find any good ones in the coming months!

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