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Cosy non scary movies for Halloween.

Halloween is full of the spooky, scary shenanigans and sometimes it isn't always the scary we seek when we settle in for the night. So if you want something slightly more funny with a dark twist, or just something that I always pull out the bag at Halloween when I don't want to be spooked then I am going to share some good alternatives! 

Do you ever compile a list of something and realise they are basically the same thing? Well today I realised I am a huge Tim Burton fan. I mean, I didn't, I always knew I was, but I think this proves it when my top films for a cosy, none scary Halloween movie marathon are all in his quarters. 

So the first one has to be Edward Scissor hands, I mean if you haven't seen this movie, I am sure you have, get off the internet, shut down your computer, turn off your phone and immerse yourself in this film, I love it, and its slightly dark twist on the story brings a spooky feel to it without being scary and not really too Halloween themed if you aren't looking to go over the top. 

Can we mention Halloween and films without The Nightmare before Christmas? Now I can assure you my love for this film is deep rooted in its Halloween theme, but its severe nod to Christmas. In all my years of not really celebrating Halloween and going full hog into Christmas the minute August came around have all be encapsulated and this is the right balance between feeling like you aren't rushing the year away. It showcases the Halloween spirit and gives more than enough Halloween spirit, but enough sprinkles of Christmas without me feeling like I am jumping on the Christmas movies too quick!

One that I remember loving since I first ever saw it when it released is Corpse Bride. This is a strange story of unexpected love, an wedding based on an assumption and misunderstanding. As the story unfolds we follow Victor and his journey to try and fix the mess he has ended up in. I just think its a really good film and I love the story of it. I always wanted to be the Corpse Bride for Halloween, and wear a beautiful wedding dress and paint myself blue! 

Can we really talk about my favourite Halloween appropriate movies without one that encompasses my favourite thing? Dogs! I am not fortunate enough to have a dog of my own, so for now I will love them from afar, however, Frankenweenie is the perfect Halloween appropriate offering. As the name suggests, think cartoon, Frankenstein, and a cute little dog. Though a Frankenstein themed revival of a beloved pet dog may not be the obvious choice for any of us, the heart warming story is lovely. 

I almost feel like I spent the post telling you all about films you have probably seen, but if you haven't seen one of these I would love to know! I would also love to know any other film recommendations you have for films you think I will love!

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