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Cosy cold weather accessories

I have always loved a scarf. Always. However in recent years my love affair with the scarf has trailed off and become strictly winter and cold weather related. I wanted to share with you a few of the accessories I am loving and reaching for in this years autumn wardrobe and what I am looking forward to styling. I have seen a few bits I have wanted to add to my accessories collection this year and while I didn't want to overload my collection in the autumn before we get into the cold weather properly, as I want to get a few new bits for winter too. 

First up is an old but trusted member of the winter accessories family and is my fun bobble hat. I had a lot of trouble in recent years and it took me a long time to find a bobble hat I could wear. I have a piercing on the top of one ear and I get EVERYTHING stuck in it, and so, if I wore a beanie the knitted threads would always get tangled in it and I'd be tethered to the hat for life. This trusty hat was from Debenhams around four years ago and I believe is Mantary branded. It is a lovely navy blue with lots of specs of colours all over it making it fun and exciting to look at. It has a cosy fleece lining inside which saves the threads getting tangled and adds an extra warmth to my head when its super cold. I pull this out every year and always get lots of use from it. I do have a plain white fleece lined hat, but lets be honest, that isn't as fun! 

When I think about my scarf collection I have a few stand outs in my designer scarves, however I do have a few scarves that are from the high street which are some of my go to for every day. I have mainly thinner, light weight scarves in mt designer collection and my thicker ones are from the high street. I think this is mainly because I already had a lot of thicker woollier scarves when I began buying key pieces from the designer market. I have to admit I saw a beautiful Burberry scarf that was a grey checked print and I did fall in love with it, so I currently have that on my wish list! My favourites from the high street are two that I had from NewLook a few years ago. One is a burgundy red type check colour, and on the reverse is a white and black check. Similarly I have one with a green and blue check on one side and the white and black on the other side. I particularly like these scarves as they are like having two scarves in one!

When it comes to my hands, I am always cold and I think my hands are the worst part! I have a nice pair of black touch screen gloves which are my go to. I find them practical as I can still use my phone, and they are comfortable and the fleece feel of them helps them to be super warm and cosy to wear. I like that I am able to wear them and still do everything I need to, weather this be on my phone or using my hands in any way. I think having a staple pair of gloves is essential as they are probably my most used winter accessory for staying warm. I do like to have a few cheap pairs of gloves from the high street in order to have a few spares lying around. Having a pair in my work bag, my handbag, in my car etc are essential as we have all nipped out without our gloves and had to suffer with cold hands! 

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