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Autumnal things I tried and loved

Does anyone else feel like this blogtober has been a stream of me reminding you all that it is only in the past year or two that I have come to love all things that are autumnal and Halloween related, but it is true! I haven't had a huge interest in autumn in the past and I want to talk about how that has shifted in the past couple of years.

A couple of years ago, mainly after we moved into our own house, we began doing a little bit more around Halloween. My husband used to have a house party for Halloween when he lived at home, but it wasn't a super scary Halloween party, more a house party with friends, and not to mention a dip in the hot tub. We loved an excuse for a party! But I had never loved it growing up and as a family we never really did much to relate to Halloween, but believe me, tiny Sarah couldn't have ever wished for anything different! I hated Halloween! In recent years we have made so much more effort and I wanted to share a few things I have tried for the first time in recent years and what I loved ab out each! 

Can you believe I had never been pumpkin picking until last year? Well, I hadn't! Firstly, I don't think it is any where near as popular in England as it is in America and so it has took more years to be commercially popular here, so I think it was less readily available when I was younger. I had so much fun in the pumpkin patch, picking out the pumpkins and spending the day with my husband. I am so excited to be going back to do it all again this year! 

Along the pumpkin lines, can you believe I carved my first proper pumpkin about 2 years ago? I mean when I was a teenager, I remember having a go with a friend to carve on, but I didn't really do much of the work, and so I don't really think it counts does it? As I say, to some this is crazy, to me, I didn't like Halloween, I don't ever feel like I missed out as I had a deep rooted despise of the holiday and didn't care much for it at all! I have come to love the idea of carving the pumpkin, creating a design and seeing it come to life as I carve away and create a design. I am excited to think of a cool design for this years pumpkins! 

I bought a few Halloween themed baking kits last year and it put a fun spin on the season and I did enjoy doing them. While I don't think I will go to such excess with the baking this year, I do think I will get the kits like I did last year, but I do fancy having a little go at some Halloween themed treats again this year as I do love the idea of it, and I want to get baking again before the festive season to hopefully be able to make lots of treats then too.

Lastly, I did a few Halloween make up tutorials last year. Honestly I am not super happy with them looking back, my make up skills are below the mark and I just wish I had a bit more skill and ability as I would love to share some top notch special effects make up with lots of latex, glue and gore, but I am just not that talented! I do enjoy coming up with a few simple looks to mimic the Halloween season without being to out of my make up comfort zone! 

As the years progress, I can't wait to do more autumnal things and one day when we expand our family we would like to have some little traditions that we can do every year and just embrace the seasons as they change! 

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