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Autumnal bucket list

Isn't autumn beautiful? From the changing leaves and the crisp mornings, I love getting cosy and just enjoying the colder weather creeping in. One thing this does mean though is that I also have a long list of things I want to do this autumn and I thought you might like to have a look at my little bucket list and we can perhaps share ideas in the comments as I am always looking for new things to try!

First up, and one I did last year for the first time and loved is to visit a pumpkin patch. I loved picking pumpkins last year and had a really good laugh as we made our way around the pumpkin patch and were able to enjoy a hot drink, some food and just experience what I had always regarded as something only the American's did, as I didn't  know of any local places which did pumpkin picking until I got on good old Google and had a search.

I have recently got back into crafting and I am so excited to be working on some autumnal crafts. I want to make lots of lovely things and really push my creativity. I know this will spill into Christmas as well as I have a few DIY gifts I am looking forward to making and gifting as I am a sucker for homemade gifts, but usually suck at them! 

One that goes along with the crafting is learning to arm knit. I can't actually knit. Well, I mean, maybe I can? I think I got taught to do it when I was about 10, but I can't remember how to do it, so I kinda regard it as I can't! I have seen so much about arm knitting on the internet and apparently you can make a blanket in about an hour, if Pinterest is anything to go by! I feel like this would be a nice cosy activity and once you get into the swing of it you could probably pop a film on an knit away while watching the movie! It would probably also look pretty cool with my new cosy living room as I want a new blanket for the sofas! 

I love going out to local events and supporting local place and this year I want to go to a bonfire. We always do bonfire celebrations with a friend as theirs and its is always such a lovely evening, but it would be nice to go to a big display again. I used to go to a big firework and bonfire display every year when I was younger. There was one within walking distance of my house and I always remember wrapping up warm and going out see it! I think it would be nostalgic and a nice little evening out for us. 

I want to spend more evenings in with my husband enjoying a film or just spending time together, but I want to do it in a cosy unplugged way. My husband and I spend so much time glued to our phones, he would say I am worse and I probably am! I just think it would be nice once in a while to pop the tech down, and just embrace each others company. We both are just as bad for picking up our phone the minute we get a notification, then the next minute you know you've scrolled back three days on the news feed and seen everyone's dinner on Instagram!

I am the worst with my DSLR, I mean who even let me buy that thing? I am so bad at photography. But you have to try to learn right? So this year I have decided I want to go on a nature walk with my camera, snap away at anything I like the look of, test out some of the camera settings and just have a play. If I come away with no good photos then at least I hope I will learn something along the way. Worst case scenario I can chuck the camera in the hands of my husband and turn it into a photo shoot for Instagram, I never have enough content to put on there, and its no secret he is far better at taking photos than I am! 

Maybe this is the Great British Bake Off talking, but I would love to bake more this autumn. I love baking and my husband even treated me to a lovely standing mixer when we moved into our home, but it is long neglected and needs some love and I think I need to bite the bullet and force myself back into baking and I know I will fall in love all over again and be able to make so many nice things for us to enjoy! 

I feel like my bucket list is quite short and simple this year, but I would love to know what is on your bucket list this year! 

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