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Autumn make up shake up

With the change of season comes a change in my go to make up. Switching out the lighter coverage, the brighter lips and the light make up looks, for higher coverage, berry lips and a bit of bronzer to stop me looking so pale! Today I thought I would share with you some of the items I have put in my everyday make up and what I am reaching for now the weather is getting colder, and I want to channel autumn. 

I am inspired by autumn weather when it comes to make up, the cold weather means thinking about sweat and my make up melting in the heat of summer is a worry of the past! I always feel like I can go a bit heavier and darker on the make up when autumn/winter comes through and I do lean towards the darker tones as well. 

I find myself either going for warm, leaf toned eyes and nude lips, or a neutral eye with bold berry toned lips. I feel like these are a little more interchangeable once you have the basics, you can build up to a bolder red toned eye that really makes a statement, or you can go for a barely there warm browns eye from the redder tones, or you can go for a dark smokey eye with a neutrals pallet, or you can amp up to a vampy almost black toned berry lip with a softer eye. 

I am still loving and reaching for my Naked heat palette. It took the beauty world by storm last year and ignited my creativity for using warmer tones which I once shied away from. I love creating looks with this palette and broadening my skills and extending my comfort zone a little more. I have a few warm tones in my newest Soph x Revolution palettes which I have been reaching for lately and really loving using when I don't want to be committed to just the warm tones. 

On the neutral front I am working on using my naked basics a lot more in order to keep working away at it, and as you will have seen my original Naked palette is in my autumnal project pan so that is one I want to be getting use from too. I haven't invested in make up palettes recently as I feel I have a rather acceptable collection and don't see many gaps, or ones I want to get on the market, so I tend to stick to my trusty ones and hope for the best. I know that is boring from a blogging prospective, but its just the way it is! 

In terms of lip colours I am really excited to be branching out again and while I will still be using some of my nude shades, and rocking them with my bolder eye looks, I cannot wait to dip into my drawers and pull out some darker berry tones. I have a deep metallic purple lip kit from Barry M in the shade Avant garde which I don't always feel like I can pull off, but for the right occasion I will be pulling this one out to wear! MAC's Rebel lipstick was a favourite last year and I can see it being a favourite this year too, along with a whole host of red tones which I have far too many to choose a standout favourite! 

I am always on the look out for new things to add to my collection and new bits to spice up my looks with, so if you have tried something new over the past few months and think I would like it, do leave it in the comments as I love taking recommendations from you all! 

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