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An autumnal project pan

I am working on a project pan for the year itself over on my YouTube channel, however, I decided I wanted to put together a few bits that I most likely will be reaching for all the time this autumn and hopefully be able to use up. I really want to declutter my collection, but I am a secret hoarder, and I just cannot throw things away. I feel like a project pan is a perfect way to encourage me to keep getting through products and not feeling guilty about the potential of throwing half used things away. I am working on project pans and I am hoping that by January I will be able to force myself to do some decluttering! So what do I want to get through this autumn? 

The first product I have that I was to finish up this year is from The Body Shop and is their Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel. I really do like this shower gel, but I feel like I got it slightly later in autumn last year and had already got fixated on the Christmas ranges and didn't use it as much as I hoped I would. I feel like I want to use it up this year as it deserves more love and it kinda needs to go as soon as possible before its past its best! 

I also want to use up the Avon Chocolate orange bubble bath. This is a sweet, chocolate lovers dream! The orange gives a citrus sweetness to the product offsetting the sugar rush of the chocolate. I found it didn't go with a lot of my berry, fruity scented body washes so I ended up not using as much of it as I wish I had, but I am making it a mission to bring it to the forefront of my collection and make the most of it! 

My original Naked palette from Urban Decay. We have all heard the sad news that this is being discontinued and you no what, it has had a good run. It is such an iconic palette that paved the way in the beauty word and ignited my love of make up. I have to say, it always finds it way out the depth into my make up bag in autumn as I love it. I do think its recent discontinued status is a sign to use it up and say my good byes too! Maybe it will take more than a season to get it used, but I hope to make a good start on it! 

One that I probably wont finish completely but I want to make a lot more effort to use is the Kat Von D lipstick in the shade Mercy. This is a lovely burgundy shade that really encompasses the berry tones of autumn. I got this in a gift set around Christmas time and I have to say its been a little bit neglected so I want to show it some love and really get some use from it. 

Lastly, I want to use up the Grow Gorgeous scalp detox pre shampoo treatment. I got this in an advent calendar last year and have dabbled with it a little bit. It was brought back to my attention when I got it again in a Glossy Box in September and I want to make sure I am using things up that I get and I feel really inspired to use this again.

I think I have a nice mix of products and things that I can use alongside other products and really work to use these up. I only intended this to be a small project pan to keep me working on using up products in my collection. I feel like I am making good progress over this year, however I just want to make sure I make more progress up to the new year. I will probably do another small one for winter in the coming months as I love seeing my collection slim down! 

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