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An autumn day out

Today I thought I would share an alternative to a vlog, and show how different a blog post is compared to a vlog. I am uploading my pumpkin picking vlog at 4pm today on my vlog channel if you do want to see what the day was like in vlog terms. On this day we went pumpkin picking and I wanted to show you a day in our life with pictures. 

We wanted to pick pumpkins, and we had the idea of picking some good sized, big pumpkins ready for carving. I did want to have a small pumpkin as they are cute and so I did look for some cute small ones to pick between. You can see here that I am picking up the cute small ones to pick between and see which ones I liked best. 

We them picked some big pumpkins ready for carving, which will be going up on my channel at some point between now and Halloween. This is me lifting a heavy pumpkin with my weak arms which still hurt from my aerial class this week! I promise I am strong enough to pick it up usually! We love going to the pumpkin farm as we get to have the biggest pumpkins and have a bit of a competition as to who can carve the best pumpkin out of me and my husband and then we ask in the comments who you think won out of the two of us! 

After finding what looked like good sized pumpkins we popped them into the wheelbarrow and headed for a snack. We were there early and decided to have breakfast/brunch in the field. With offerings of burgers, sausage or bacon cobs and sweet treats, we both settled on the idea of a bacon cob, and I have to say it was very yummy! I have to admit, though I look very glamorous pushing the wheelbarrow, I didn't particularly push it very far round the field, my husband pushed it most of the way and I was vlogging and taking pumpkin photos as we went around. 

Now, I am never far from my phone, so even in the middle of a field, in the middle of a farm I can still find a 4G signal to check up on social media! As you can see I am checking in on my notifications with my phone and have my vlog camera firmly by its side in order to document the day. I am still nervous about doing vlogs in public, but this was a lovely way to ease into it and being in a huge field you can tuck away in the corner away from everyone else so you are a little bit away from people overhearing, or giving weird looks!

We had a lovely day out and I have to say I had so much fun seeing all the different types of pumpkins and the different shapes and sizes. I love the look of the these stripy ones and bought a little squash that has stripes on it to potentially cook with as I am not sure I will be able to carve it into anything. 

We had a lovely day out pumpkin picking and it is becoming a tradition to go each year. It is so nice to build up these traditions and see how they will follow through over the years, changing and developing for later down the line when we have children who we will be able to take on little adventures as the seasons change. I would love to know what days out you have in autumn and what recommendations you have for places to go over Halloween and bonfire night. 

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