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A serial interest

To the untrained eye, I am a quiet, happily married 25 year old with a modest, reasonable job. To the people who know me, I'm the friend who is most likely to become a serial killer. Ok, ok. I am not violent, I don't even kill the annoying fly that buzzes round the house on a hot summer day when the windows been left open, but name a serial killer or a crime and my ears will prick up with interest. I left school, took Law as one of my A-levels and went off to uni to study Criminology. A career all thought out I wanted to work in the depths of crime scenes solving murders or interrogating criminals and suspects in order to draw out confessions. Well, lets say I am far from that once anticipated dream, but maybe one day I'll pop back, do a top up degree or a masters and go catch some killers. So how did this all come about, and how did I become so interested in all things criminal?

From learning about people like Jack the Ripper and getting fascinated in the way people can be so gruesome, and the mystery of never knowing who he is I was intrigued to find out more. I had already had my interest peaked when a friend of mine borrowed me a book 'A child called it' I remember pulling an all nighter in year 9 reading the book in one sitting as I was so heartbroken and in disbelief that I needed to no how it ended. It was after that that my interest began to shift to similar books with me wanting to know more about the help and support they managed to get and how they pulled through and survived the ordeal the faced.

Things like Sweeney Todd gave me the curiosity of the topic and I was interested to know more about the perpetrators of the crimes. What makes someone snap, what drives a person to commit such a crime. The ones who just snap and have an uncontrollable fit of rage are one thing, but what does it take ot be a cold, calculating killer? I wanted to be inside the mind of those people. I mean, I have no desire to commit any crime, not even pinching a mars bar from Tesco, but I can't imagine how someone comes to be a killer who is so emotionless about their crimes they just don't seem to care at all. 

My degree in criminology was utterly fascinating and I honestly would love to work in the criminal sector, but I am a tiny little lady who is easily intimidated and would probably be eaten alive by any type of criminal! I find the whole thing a really interesting topic. You know what I find more interesting than finding out what makes someone commit the crime? An unsolved case. Can we just take a minute to think about how many unsolved crimes have gone on over the years? How many unsolved murders are there with the murderer walking free, maybe they will never kill again, but they are free, unsuspectingly walking the streets. Why was there not enough evidence, or why was the criminal able to cover their tracks so well that they didn't ever get caught? I could research unsolved crimes for hours on end and while I don't have the answers myself, I still come to my own conclusion of what I think has gone on. 
I remember sitting in my living room when Holly and Jessica went missing. two young girls, slightly older than I was had gone missing in their town when they popped to the shop. I remember the case that went with it, being on the news every evening of the week, us all gripped to the TV hoping the girls would come home or be found alive. Sadly they had passed away and were horrifically murdered by Ian Huntley, a man they trusted and a local school caretaker. I remember the interview of his face and him saying he was the last ones to see them. I remember saying he was too sure he was the last one to see them and I thought he had something to do with it all. I was young, naive and honestly had never really put two and two together, but I just felt he looked like he knew. And it turns out he did. I felt like a real detective and I always like to give my hunch when I see an ongoing case. Lets just say, I learnt a lot from one of my lecturers and I honestly took on board a lot he said, from seeing real life cases picked apart in front of us with every aspect of their interview and appeal tore to shreds by a professional, I had a good insight into how the whole thing looks and where to find some of the things the uncover the lies the criminals spin. I was so drawn in and almost wanted to interrogate criminals and shout them down till they confessed, but that's not really how to gain a confession is it? 

I always try to catch a few crime programs when I can and I know that it always keeps my interests burning away in the corner of my brain. I feel like while this is a career path I have probably side stepped away from now, if I got the offer of the dream job in the criminal side of the workforce I definitely think I would be tempted to drop everything and take it. I regret not following that path almost every day, and one day I want to talk more about my degree in terms of my stance on my uni experience and my mental health throughout the journey of the three year course. I would love to know if this peaks anyone else's interest and how you came to find an interest in it, as its such a strange topic to get into. 

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