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A battle of the holidays

Now, am I allowed to mention Christmas in blogtober? Well, I am going to. I love Christmas and its no secret, but I always feel like there is a battle of the holidays and this year seems to be taking it a bit too far... With the influx of Christmas in the shops from late August if the Christmas ranges, I feel like it was all just a bit too soon. I know that there is profit to be made and people want to start buying earlier, but even for me, who is a die hard Christmas fan, I found it all a little soon.

I am not, and don't ever think I will be the biggest fan of Halloween, its just not in my blood, more on that another time though! But I do feel like I try to appreciate it more in recent years. From going pumpkin picking, to watching Halloween movies and just generally appreciating the decor and such.
Wouldn't it be nice to somehow appreciate each holiday without the other holidays over shadowing it? I know Halloween is so much bigger in America than here, but we also have bonfire night to look forward to which is a decent holiday in its size and appreciation, but I always feel like it gets to September, Christmas becomes the main talking point and everyone forgets everything else. The internet is already flooded with advent calendar reviews, Christmas gift set content, and simply just anything remotely Christmas. In an ideal world I would save most of the Christmas stuff until November, but truth be told, this would be too much of a rush for most people, and I do agree it would be a push. 

Maybe, just maybe, growing up and not wanting to rush straight to Christmas the minute it starts to drop below 17 degrees in the summer has made me appreciate the build up to it all as autumn strikes. I used to just want winter and the cosy Christmas vibes, but now, I love autumn and I want to make the most of it. But when you can buy more tins of Christmas chocolates in August and have no mention of Halloween in sight, it just seems all to crazy. It sways the content on the internet, the battle of wanting to write cute Halloween content, but knowing if you miss the mark on the Christmas products the minute they launch people wont be as interested in reading about them two months down the line. 

I think we can all agree that 2018 is slipping by quicker than any of us care to admit, and I know for me, it is something I am still feeling uneasy about. Though I am excited for the last few months of the year and what they have to bring, the constant push of Christmas from late August really has made this year feel like it s whizzing by even quicker than it is! 

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