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February round up

February has been a bit of a weird month. January took about 14 years to pass us by and I feel like I barely blinked and February was over, so that's kinda crazy! I have taken a step back this month as its been one of those months where I have had days I wanted to curl into a ball and not resurface, and other days have been so manic I haven't had chance to catch my breath never mind think! So lets have a run down of this half an hour long month! 

This month has been a strange one, I feel like its gone in a flash and I haven't wanted to push myself and have the pressure I put on  myself last year as I know how hard it can be to keep on top of it all. That has meant some of my content has slipped this month, however I am getting back into the swing of things now to help me get back on track and I have lots of content planned up until May so we have lots to look forward to and I can easily get back on track when I have some time. 

I have had a really mixed month with some things in my personal life, namely the thing I am keeping such a secret, but have mentioned a bit on Twitter, its nothing to do with babies or pregnancy so I will remind anyone if that now, as despite saying that I still get asked! Its had some ups and downs but I am ending the month on a positive note with it all, but still wont say what it is yet. I will also say its probably not even that exciting either!

I feel like most of my month has been taken up working and not had much chance for other things, however, I have managed to plan in a lot of content to come over the year which I am so excited to write and film and eventually share when the time is right. I have had some brainwaves of ideas for things related to Halloween and Christmas as well as other holidays and events over the year. 

This month has been quite quiet for me, my best friend gave birth so we went to see them and their new baby and have a sneaky cuddle! I do get a little broody but I am a long way off babies yet! He is so cute and having a fair few cuddles will help me to keep the broody feeling at bay and give me a bit of practice for whenever we decide the time might be right for us! 

The last thing and something amazing, I got to go and watch The Greatest Showman for not only a third time, but a sing a long showing! Yep, the words pop up to the songs on screen and while I know every word I was very excited to see it a third time and enjoy the story line once again. I  have now been with my mum, my good friend Ellie who is one of my close blogger friends and then this time, to sing a long with my husband! I don't think I will ever get tired of this film and I have almost non stop listened to the soundtrack since I first watched it! 

I am looking forward to March and seeing some more things come together as I know I want to get back on the blogging and YouTube properly again as I have missed it a lot this month and have so much to share. I hope you have had a fantastic month and I'd love to know what you have got up to this month too!

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