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Why did I start blogging?

Back in 2009 while I was still at secondary school, and before I had even met my husband I was hooked on the online world of YouTube and blogging. What you may not know is that back then I started my own beauty blog and had a YouTube channel which I loved! I thought I would talk a little bit about why I started and how it has changed over the years! 

In 2009 I don't think anyone quite knew what blogging and YouTube would be today, and back then I certainly had no idea. I have to say, my photography was awful, my posts, though honest, were not as detailed as they are now, and I just didn't really have a great schedule or anything like that and don't even get me started on how I used to take OOTD pictures... 

I was still in secondary school and was only 15 to begin with and its crazy to think that I am almost 25 now. I had started looking up make up tips and looking for how to style hair videos and I began to slowly sink into the world and discover bloggers and YouTubers in a world I didn't know existed! I was into make up a lot, but at the time I didn't have a massive make up collection and didn't use anything fancy, and if you saw my everyday make up back then, well lets just say, beauty blogger it was not! I loved reading blogs and watching YouTube and I would spend so long just watching videos and uploading my own content and for about 3 years I uploaded content regularly to my YouTube channel before leaving it behind and shutting it down when I moved to uni. I always think about where I would be if I kept that going, it was monetised and everything and I just couldn't keep it up so I let the dream go. 

I carried on writing and it was once I closed my YouTube that I decided to take blogging more seriously, I had no where to film, but blogging was easy I just needed to write and take some pictures. I began to take it more seriously and back in 2011 when I started doing that it still wasn't as polished as I feel it is now, and so while I was pleased with it then, looking back I have hid so much content as it wasn't what I was 'proud' of to look back on. Don't worry I started a private blog and popped all my old content onto there so I still have it to look back on! 

In 2015 I had barely blogged I was working and finishing my degree and I wont lie, sometimes with uni and work I was sometimes working and going to lectures for 20 days in a row without a day off, and when I say that I'm talking 5am alarms for the commute, up late writing essays and doing reading, we bought a house, working 7am shifts, and I just didn't have a spare minute to blog. In 2016 I wanted to make sure I blogged more and got back on it and while I did upload around 100 posts that year, I don't feel I was as 'on it' as I could have been. I deleted so much old content and had given it a make over, and I was feeling a lot better about the content I had put up.

I decided 2017 I was going to push myself to the limit, I wanted to blog every single day and once I got passed a certain point in the year I refused to miss an upload, this was often a challenge however, I feel like it was well worth it and I am so proud of that. I am dropping my content down to every other day this year as I want to work on both my YouTube and my blog and really put a lot of effort into making the content really good and really giving both of them the care and attention they need in order to grow them. 

I love blogging and ever since the minute I closed my old YouTube channel I have been eager to start it up again and this year my husband has really supported me to do that and I am so grateful of all his support and love that he has for everything I am doing, and I know he will be there cheering me on through 2018 and whatever it brings! I'd love to know more about why you started blogging if you have a blog so why not leave a comment, or link me to a post you have if you have done one I would love to have a look! 


  1. This was so interesting, I love to read others blogging stories! I first made a blog in about 2010 but deleted and made so many more before I found what I wanted to blog about and finally found my footing, but I'm so glad I had that experience beforehand :D I'm so happy to find yours, it's so pretty! Following you on GFC, looking forward to reading more! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    1. Thanks so much! I love reading other peoples stories too! I will definitely check out your blog too as I love discovering new blogs to read! xx