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What I learnt from my project pan

Last year I decided to do do  project pan, I only included a set of products on my bathroom shelf that I wanted to use up and I fee like I learnt a lot about the project pan in the time I was doing it, and I definitely want to recap on some of the things I realised along the way, and hopefully give you a few hints and tips on things along the way if you plan to do a project pan yourself. So what did I learn?

First up is, products take so long to use up! I mean, I wont lie I knew this, hence the project pan in the first place, however, when you commit to using a set of products it really does show how long it takes to use some up. Have you ever tried to work through a half full shower gel and realise how little you need and how big the bottle is? Its a little crazy, but I did make huge progress after what felt like a really slow start! 
You most certainly want to use everything except the products you are trying to use up. I mean, I did buy a new shower gel and use that for a while during my project pan, setting me back a bit, but I have mostly stuck to the specific products I have on the shelf itself just to make the most progress I can. I can say that I want to be more strict with myself on the next one as I was a little relaxed with things this time round. 

This was my first project pan and I think setting myself a challenge to use up about 25 of the same category products was a little bit of a silly thing to do... of course I cant use up two shower gels in unison, I am either using one or the other, its not like trying to use up a lipstick and a blush when you can use both together, I can only use so much shower gel at a time without being wasteful.

Using things up makes you want to buy things. The reason I was doing the project pan is because I needed to use up a lot of stuff and, to my shame I have a shelf full of stuff still, even after using up a lot of stuff. Even though I know I have so much to use up still, the minute I finished a shower gel I wanted to rush out and buy another one to try and I worked so hard to make sure I wasn't sucked into the trap and I did only end up buying one shower gel, and that was the pumpkin one from The Body Shop as I loved it and knew I wouldn't get it after the end of my project pan. 

Most importantly? Stick with it, you will do great and its not the end of the world if its not quite used up by the end of the project pan, you can carry on working towards it. I had some stuff left over that I hadn't finished at the end of mine but I used up so much stuff I was so happy with the results! It has spurred me on so much to downsize, use things up and really make sure I get rid of what I have to make sure I don't have a lot of stuff cluttering up my shelves. 

I definitely recommend you trying it out, and spoiler alert, I will be doing a video on my new project pan soon so do look out for that in a week or two as I am currently compiling some products to use through in that as I have so much to work through that I love which gets pushed to the back! Do let me know if you are thinking of doing a project pan as I would love to see your progress over the coming months and we can spur each other on through the process! 

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