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Staying organised in 2018

As you may know from my resolutions video, I want to be so organised and so on top of things for 2018. I get so frustrated at myself when I end up writing post on the day they go up, or editing and scheduling videos the day they go up and so I really want to be in front and prepped for the week and not have to feel like I am rushing to upload content at the last minute. I thought you might like to know the tools I am using to keep my organised this year! 

I am starting out with a pocket, well smallish, planner to take on the go with me and help me plan on the go. I have my main diary and I do have a notebook where I keep my stats and keep on top there, but I wanted something with just my content and to do lists in. I really like that this has my to do list, a notes section and my week to view planner in, and as well as this I have all 52 weeks in there so it goes from January 1st right through to 31st December and I went through and wrote the date on each page to have it all planned out as they aren't dated on the pages they just say Monday - Sunday down the side. This means I can write in content for any day of any month no matter where I am and I could plan a Christmas video now, or I can write in something for Easter and not have to try and write it somewhere where I will forget and not do it. 

Next up, I am planning all my content in different colours. By colour coding everything I can tell exactly what I have planned for videos that week, as well as what I have planned for my blog that week, and then things like events and days out will be in a separate colour to have it all easy to see at a quick glance. This also means I can quickly glance at my planner and know instantly if I have an event that week as I will see it marked in a different colour. I started testing this a little towards the end of last year and it was working well so I decided to stick to it this year and really use it to my advantage. 

I am also going to set aside a specific night a week to work on my blog and edit videos and do that kind of admin work, so that it doesn't get forgotten or left behind. I wont lie, this may be set as a Monday and then one week it might have to changed it to Wednesday, but I am going to try and make one night a week a set night to really check on my channel, work on my blog and just do all the admin stuff I need to whether it be writing posts, editing and uploading videos or anything like that. 

Plan, plan and plan ahead. I was so good at this at the beginning of 2017 and I used to have all my content for the month planned in advance, all my photos were taken by the middle of the previous month and I was so organised and then it all fell off the wagon and I don't know what happened. I have all my content planned for January and I am so excited to be on top of it all in order to really have great content to go up this year and have it planned and scheduled well in advance to make sure I am not rushing any content. 

Every time I feel like I let my organisation slip this year I am going to come back to this post and remind myself how much I really want to be organised and really make myself a better person and really push this as I want to make it successful and share content I love making and you love reading! I would love to know your tips on how you stay organised as I can never have enough tips and tricks to help me out so I think any other ideas will be great! 

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