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Skincare treats to revive my winter skin

Winter always seems to take a toll on my skin. From the frosty cold weather to the dry hot central heating, my skin always seen to go a bit out of sync in winter and I have to nourish it more than I do in summer. I have accumulated a few new skincare bits from my advent calendar last month and I have been using a few new bits from there to give my skin a boost, shake up my skin care and aim to make my skin nicer in the long run. 

I think the main thing that has pushed me to really want to take care of my skin like this is the fact that I did have so many new bits to try and it was an exciting thing trying these out and seeing how they worked for me and I couldn't help but get drawn into that a little bit and really want to use them long term to treat my skin. I will just focus on the new introductions to my skin care routine and not the full set of skin care I use or we would be here all day, so lets have a look at each product. 

I first start out with the Oskia renaissance mask, this is obviously something I only use once or twice a week as I don't want to over use it and I don't do a mask all the time, but I am trying to keep on top of using them as they do make the difference. The mask is a light pink colour and at first I thought it looked like a gel consistency however it is more of a firm balm texture int he pot. I like the way this starts off light pink and turns into a milky white colour when worked onto the skin to show it has been 'activated' just because this gives more of the idea that it is working on the skin and I like to see where it has been put. This was comfortable to wear and it recommends leaving on for 10-20 minutes so I always went for around the 15 minute mark just to make sure I was giving it a good time to set in but not leaving it on too long. This was easy to remove with warm water and a flannel and it left my skin feeling soft and hydrated and looking lovely. I have really been enjoying this mask and I always look forward to using it again when having a pamper. At £51 for 50ml, here, I don't know how soon I will repurchase it, but I am so glad I have got to try it out as I do really like it! 

I really like facial oils, however I often skip this step on my lazy days as I sometimes feel it isn't necessary, or I can sometimes feel like I don't want an extra layer of moisture so I skip the oil and just moisturise. I wanted to get back into using the oils as I do see a difference, and so getting the Dr Botanicals Moroccan rose super food facial oil really made me want to try a new one and use it to see the difference. When I first used this oil I was very surprised, it is more of a water texture than an oil and I was so pleased. The lightweight non greasy formula really appeals to me as I hate my skin feeling greasy. I apply about 3 drops into my palm, warm it between my hands a little and then pat it into my skin on my face. Being rose I was worried it may be a bit too floral but it isn't overwhelming on the skin and so I really enjoy using this in the evenings. I really enjoy this and it definitely is one I love because of the non greasy formula. This is £55 for 30ml, here, which sounds a lot but I can already see it is going to last a while and be something I get a lot of use from as you only need a small amount, that said, I would look into some other face oils before repurchasing this and I do have a couple on the go to finish before then too!

Last up for the product I have been reaching for is the Korres wild rose sleeping facial, I love this, more of an overnight mask that works to hydrate and replenish skin overnight which I love. This is a really nice, slightly thicker than usual face cream which is so easy to apply onto the skin and you can feel it being absorbed into the skin as you work it onto the face. The cream feels lightweight despite being a little more like a mask for the skin than a night cream. I do like the scent, although rose wouldn't be my top choice, however it is nice and I will keep using it as the formula is far outweighing the scent, which isn't bad or too overpowering. At £26 for 40ml, here, I think this is reasonably priced and for a moisturiser I think I would repurchase this in the future when I am in need of a new night cream. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post looking a three new products I have introduced into my skin care routine and I would love some tips on your favourite products and what you use on your skin to keep it looking hydrated and glowing. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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