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Kat Von D Lock it baking duo

I have been wanting to test out the Kat Von D foundation and concealer for the longest time, I hear such good things, but my skin is so pale I find it so hard to match foundation online, and have to be colour matched where possible, or at least swatch a colour in store before committing. I hadn't been able to get to store and so when I saw this kit I thought I would take a chance and just get the kit as I thought it cant be the worst thing in the world to try it out, even if it wasn't quite the right shade. 

I did get this kit for Christmas, however I did pick it out to show my husband what I wanted as if I can't pick my foundation and concealer shade online for myself, we can all assume how well he would pick it out for me, as it is hard to find a shade match! I went for the light shade as they had light and medium and I wasn't fully sure I would be suited to the light shade, but it was the lightest option I could get and was well worth the risk. 

The product itself comes in a nice box which makes it a lovely gift set. Inside there was a sample card of both the saint and sinner perfumes which I love and I am hoping to eventually add to my collection of perfumes. For the concealer it is a third of the size of the full size concealer you would get but it is a really good size to give it a good test out and see how you get on with it. For the powder it is around half the size of the full size product which is a great size and from testing it out I can already tell this is going to last a really long time which is perfect! 

With regards to the concealer, it is a creamy consistency and applies to the skin nicely. You only need a small amount in order to cover up blemishes or spots and I found a small amount really did go a long way in covering up my dark circles and the spots I had on my skin. I did find this was slightly too dark for me, and ideally I could have done with a shade or two lighter, however, I do feel like this is a great match all the same and just doesn't brighten and give that 'on shade lighter' finish, but I don't mind about that. 

I find the concealer works so well on the skin and applies and blends easily and effortlessly meaning it isn't a chore to apply. It lasts all day and I find it mas minimal creasing.  I have one line on my under eye close to my bottom lashes and I always find a little bit of product collects in it no matter what I do, and this does collect there, but I don't think this is this particular product as I haven't found one that doesn't do this. 

When it comes to the powder, this is a nice, finely milled product which works well on the skin, and being translucent it also works well to set but not add coverage which is perfect as it can end up looking too heavy if there is too much product adding coverage. With the concealer being so high coverage I also feel like the product doesn't need to add coverage as it is is already well covered. 

The product is so easy to pick up on a fluffy powder brush and I usually concentrate it mainly on the areas I have concealed as well as my nose for the most setting power, and then do a light dusting over my face for a little bit of extra setting on areas that need less attention. I find this holds the product in place well and gives it a nice finish without it being too noticeable and sets my problem areas so that I don't have to think about them too much through the day. I like the formula of this and the translucent shade and I have been reaching for this a lot, even on days when I wasn't purposely testing it out and I am pleased with the way it has set my make up. 

Overall I think this is a great duo and I am so glad I got to try it out without actually having to buy the products full size. I think this is a really good set that will last a reasonable amount of time to test out both products before committing to either of them. I also think this is great because if your like me and want to try out lots of different products, spending less and getting smaller versions of them is a great way to spend less while still testing them out! At £18 for the duo here, I think this is a great price, the shade range is limited to light and medium which isn't great, but if you can get this in a shade to suit you I think it is well worth seeking out and picking up to try! 

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