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January spending ban

I love shopping, and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I sometimes buy things I don't need... I also think I am good at buying things I don't need just because they are on sale... A rookie mistake, especially this time of year, well it is one I wont be making this year. I am going on a spending ban for January. Spoiler alert, I am writing this in December and did start on January 1st!

I did get a little bit of money for Christmas, so I haven't completely ruled out a little bit of shopping, but only for things that I have had on my wishlist for a while, just to allow me to spend the money and get what I want if it is something I really want that goes in the sale. Other than this, I am on a strict 'Don't need, don't buy' this January as I want to kick start saving money and really evaluate what I have and what I might need to add to my collection over the year without rushing in to buy things. 

I find this time of year we are all a little financially worse off with catching up after Christmas and just generally catching up and setting up for the new year and I felt I wanted to start the year right, not spending money and trying to really look after my bank account and not be ridiculous and buy tons of stuff I don't need!

I have had some amazing presents and I really don't need anything at this point, maybe in February I will be looking to buy some things and I can go for a shopping trip without being too inundated with the sales which January seems to be all about. I will be doing a video on any sale things I have purchased with my Christmas money as I have my eye on a few things already and so I think I may end up with a few bits! However, I wont be spending any of my money that isn't present money on things this month so keep in my spending ban! 

I'd love to know if you are doing a spending ban this month, or if you are sale shopping and managed to get some good bargains I'd love to know what they are too so don't forget to leave me a comment below and share them with me!

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