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January round up

January has seemed a little slower than the back end of 2017 which whizzed by in a flash and I can't begin to even believe how quick it went. January feeling slower is definitely a blessing as it has given me a lot of time to reflect on things and I have definitely tried to look after myself a little more too. I thought I would share with you a little round up of my month and give you an overview of what I am up to and what I have been doing. 

This month I have shook up my filming schedule and blog post schedule. While I had a bit of a hiccup towards the end of the month in my personal life which cause a bit of a slow in videos and posts, but I am back on form now, I can assure that. Maybe I'm will talk about why at some point in the future, however, it isn't the right time right now. I also had a bit of a refresh with my hair this month, I just wanted it to look a bit nicer and we did decide not to do anything to drastic, but I am happy, and can always go a bit more of a change so as not to do anything to drastic to quick. 

I have been on a spending ban this month and honestly, its gone well. I have used my points on my Superdrug card to buy the new concealer from Make up Revolution as everyone is raving about it and it finally came in stock, so technically it was free, I have spent some of the Christmas money I had, but it was part of the conditions of my spending ban that I could. I have definitely had a good money month and I honestly will be being more cautious of my spending over the coming months as I need to be more aware of my finances fro future changes and to future proof them.  As for my declutter, I definitely have had a good run, the empty boxes are gone, the clothes are going to the charity shop very soon, I miss the closing time when I get home from work and have had really busy weekends so far. Its definitely kick started a good sort out, and started me trying to get some bits sold. 

I have had a few events this month too, starting with my best friends baby shower, this was lovely and we went pottery painting, which was so fun, and you can see here the hedgehog I painted and I am so pleased with it! We have had a few get together's with friends and we have had some lovely meals out this month to catch up after Christmas. I had an vent with Kiehls this month, I helped to organise people together and it was such a fun workshop to see the products in action and see what they are like and test them on our hands. I cannot wait to use some of the products we got and I definitely will be testing them out and reviewing them on my blog when I have given them a go. 

Lastly, can I talk about a roundup of the month without mentioning the highlight of the month. The Greatest Showman. Now. I have seen this film at the cinema, I have had the soundtrack on repeat each day since, I am writing this a few days in advance but if all goes to plan I will have seen it a second time yesterday as you read this with plans to go and see it a third time next week. I would honestly say it is the best film I have ever seen and I could watch it a thousand times and not get bored of it! I honestly recommend you see it if you haven't! 

I have had such a good month, a few ups and downs but overall its been nice, I am looking forward to February and seeing what that will bring as I am sure the months will continue to look up and hopefully 2018 will be a good year!

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